A lot has been going on in my life over the past few months. My mom’s caregiver ran away in early June so I’ve been under extreme stress, My mom’s back at a new nursing home for the time being until I can resolve some major issues in order to bring her back home. I kinda neglected this site. But, I’ve been focusing on life, my mental health, and my work. I was given the opportunity to de-stress myself last June to have a weekend getaway or staycation at one of the most popular 5-star hotels in Ipoh – WEIL HOTEL IPOH.

This will be in 2 parts – this is the 1st part where I will be covering the hotel aspects during my stay at WEIL Hotel Ipoh.

Check out PART 2 where I will cover all the dining experiences during my stay.

Weekend Staycation at WEIL Hotel Ipoh

If you have never been to WEIL HOTEL IPOH before, it’s strategically located in the heart of Ipoh town and it’s connected to Ipoh Parade shopping mall. It’s the only hotel that’s conveniently connected to a mall where your shopping, leisure, and food are just within a few walks away. There are also a lot of restaurants nearby like in Greentown and Ipoh SOHO so you have a lot of options in the surrounding area.

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on November 13th, 2018

Did you know that Malaysia is named as one of the ASEAN countries that has the highest prevalence of obesity among children and adolescents with 23.7% of our children and adolescent being obese?

This is why Ayam Brand™, a Malaysian favorite for 126 years is holding a nationwide Healthy KIDS Food Festival to fuel better food choices as part of its annual corporate social responsibility program.

The event was held at STG Oldtown Ipoh.

Ayam Brand invited the children from 4 different children’s homes in Ipoh to join the event – Rumah Anak Yatim dan Warga Miskin Budi Mulia Nurul Huda, Praise Girls, and Boys Home Ipoh, Rumah Anak Yatim Yayasan Amanah An-Nur Maisarah, and the Salvation Army Ipoh Children’s Home from Perak.

Mr. Nathan Deverre from Ayam Brand™ gave an overview of what the Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign ‘Healthy KIDS Food Festival’ is all about.

This year’s charity campaign aims to empower children to make their own food choices through engaging and interactive activities that help them identify the main food groups, understand portion size, and make more informed food choices on how nutritious food can positively shape their bodies.

Ayam Brand™ emphasizes the contribution of its products to participating charity homes as many of these homes lack regular access to good sources of nutrients, that are essential for children’s health and growth.

Now in its eleventh year, the Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign has reached approximately 20,000 people from 482 charity organizations, providing them with 1,404,000 healthy and convenient meals!

Explaining the Healthy KIDS Food Festival, Ayam Brand representative Mr. Nathan Deverre said “Children learn better through play. Ayam Brand developed the Healthy KIDS Food Festival with games created for kids to have fun while learning how to make informed food choices.  We hope the kids participating today will practice what they have learned daily and shared these tips with their friends to spread the message of healthy eating.

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on May 22nd, 2018

WEIL hotel Ipoh has chosen the theme “Dari Dapur Bondaku” (A taste from mother’s kitchen) for this year’s Ramadhan buffet spread at TIFFIN Restaurant. Diners will be able to enjoy not only the traditional flavorsome Ramadhan dishes but also many authentic flavors from the chef’s mother’s kitchen.

TIFFIN is a certified Halal restaurant. Diners will enjoy a gastronomical adventure featuring favorite dishes such as Nasi Permata, Gulai Rebung dengan Perut, Ikan Patin Gulai Tempoyak, Daging Masak Kuzi, Dalcha Kambing, and many more mouth-watering dishes. TIFFIN will also be featuring an action stall corner where diners will be able to pick dishes from the Satay Counter, Noodle Counter, Sup Tulang Counter, Shawarma Counter, Goreng Counter, and a whole lot more

I started at the salads station and they had a variety of salad dressings as well.

What a beautiful-looking plate of pasta salad.

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on April 22nd, 2018

Ahhh, Samyang pizza! Who doesn’t love the Samyang ramen, right? It’s notorious for its different kinds of heat. Not everyone could handle it. I’ve been happy when Domino’s Pizza Malaysia announced they’re doing a Korean type of pizza and name it ‘Samyang pizza!’.

Ok, correction. It’s spelled ‘#Samyeang‘.

Thank you to Domino’s Pizza for extending their invitation to me to join the blogger meetup and Samyeang pizza preview at the Ipoh Domino’s branch in Medan Ipoh Bestari.

It was my first time tasting the Samyeang pizza so I was really excited.

Get excited for the next K-wave by Domino’s Pizza!

What’s unique about their new Samyeang pizza is that they’re staying true to Korean pop music style.

Domino’s drew inspiration from Malaysians’ love for Korean food and culture.You know how much we love K-Pop (G-Dragon, I love you).

They introduced their own ‘boy band’, The Samyeangs, to emulate and represent the flavors and attributes of the pizzas.

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on May 28th, 2017

For a whole month of Ramadhan, guests at WEIL Hotel will be greeted with TIFFIN’s Juadah Istimewa Ramadhan buffet 2017 spread where diners will be able to enjoy not only the traditional flavorsome Ramadhan dishes but also a variety of different international dishes. I was invited to preview their Ramadhan buffet 2017.


I also reviewed their Ramadhan buffet last year. You could read by clicking the link below:

Note: This month has got to be the busiest and the most challenging month ever for me. I’ve had so many things happening, going back and forth many times Ipoh-KL-Ipoh in a span of three weeks, dealing with personal issues, emergency cases, and so on. Please bear with me as I try to quickly post all reviews as soon as possible.

WEIL Hotel Ramadhan Buffet 2017 preview was held at TIFFIN restaurant and will be for the whole of Ramadhan. TIFFIN is a halal restaurant located on the ground floor of WEIL Hotel.

The salad/appetizer section with a small variety of different salads to choose from. A selection of local salads (kerabu) is available in a different section.

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on January 15th, 2017

It’s time of the year for us to have a holiday and for the Chinese to be reunited again with their family. Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Hotels and restaurants are rolling out their Chinese New Year dishes and set menus to be served at families reunion dinner. I was invited to review the Chinese New Year set menu at Casuarina@Meru Ipoh

Last year, I reviewed the CNY set from The Haven Ipoh. Click below if you wish to read my review.

READ: Night Sky Gourmet Halal Poon Choi Dinner @ The Haven Ipoh

I noticed there was a problem when I reached the hotel. I was told that there were some people who turned up unexpectedly. Because of that, it was slightly chaotic. There was no space at the table they had prepared, so I sat at a different table and that’s why you won’t see any pictures of the table setting, or during the meal. And also, there wasn’t enough food. There was some food I didn’t get to taste or didn’t have enough of for me to review.

It’s not the hotel’s fault but it’s very unprofessional for some people to just turn up like that. Because I’m just a blogger, I’m always the one that gets pushed back in order to prioritize the media people. This is not the first time this has happened to me and it’s seriously irritating.

It’s a good thing the Casuarina@Meru staff are friendly 🙂

Just a general word of advice, cook extra food. It’s better to have extra leftovers than to have your guest disappointed because there wasn’t enough food.

Now onto the sinfully delicious food!

Introducing some of the delicious, fantastic, halal & MSG-free Chinese New Year set menu that Casuarina@Meru will be offering from January 15th until February 12th, 2017.

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on January 6th, 2017

Back in late November, I had the opportunity to sample the Afternoon High Tea set at the Tea Lounge, WEIL Hotel Ipoh.

But first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m still slowly catching up on blog posts and I do hope that this year, I could get more posts up than I did for the entire year last year. Fingers crossed, aye?

I almost missed my chance to review this because it was raining heavily on that day. It was so heavy that my neighborhood was flooded. I had to wait for 20 minutes for the water to subside before I could go out. Anyway…

Tea Lounge at WEIL Hotel has introduced an all-new menu for their 3-Tier High Tea set that brings out the elegance in you. When I think or look at 3-tier afternoon high tea, it makes me think of the old victorian era or something. The time where ladies dress so beautiful with their long flowing gowns and hats and the garden full of colorful flowers.  Oh, and English men & women with English accents. Aye?

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on December 22nd, 2016

It’s quite rare that I get to eat breakfast at home, let alone outside because I’m not much of a morning person. That’s why it’s rare for me to review breakfast meals. But this time because I had something to do in the morning, I decided to have breakfast first at a famous place called ‘Suhaimi Cafe‘ located in Taman Kledang, Jelapang, Ipoh.

I first heard of Suhaimi Cafe last year when it was the talk of the town. Everybody was talking about it. Pictures everywhere. I went there for the first time early this year. I took pictures and wanted to do a review but unfortunately, my computer broke down so I couldn’t. Since it has been a few months already, and that I’m making my second trip there so I thought why not do a new review instead.

The first time I went there, it was very crowded. This time there were a lot of people but not as bad as before. The cafe’s design is simple. Pictures of actors and famous people are proudly displayed on the walls.  The place is also quite small so if it’s crowded, it could get annoying and hot.

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on December 18th, 2016

For those in Ipoh, I’m sure you’ve heard of Milkcow Ipoh, a premium dessert cafe serving a variety of desserts, coffee and of course, what they’re known for, soft-serve ice cream.

I’d like to note that I visited this outlet quite a while ago and this was supposed to be posted months ago but my computer went bonkers. I’m going to start posting pending reviews from a while ago so expect those to be posted in the coming weeks. I have A LOT to catch up on and piles of reviews to be posted!

Milkcow Ipoh (I think the 6th outlet?) opened in August 2015 so that’s just a little over one year ago. They’re popular with their homemade premium soft ice cream with a variety of toppings. They also made them healthier by using natural honey from honey farms in Korea instead of sugar in their desserts. Plus they’re organic too.

It’s located in the Oldtown area, right opposite Plan B. It’s a corner shop so you can’t miss it. At the time I went there, it was quite late in the evening so the place was not crowded.

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on December 17th, 2016

End of November, I was invited to witness the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at WEIL Hotel Ipoh then have a Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner at Tiffin.

Last year, I was also invited and reviewed their Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony then had the opportunity to preview Tiffin’s Christmas buffet that I enjoyed so much especially their desserts. I’ve also written other reviews involving WEIL Hotel.

I meant to post this sooner but my computer took too long to be repaired and then I was sick for a couple of weeks. I almost didn’t go to this one because my body was starting to feel weird. I think it was the weather which had been rainy and wet every day for November. A couple of days later I was struck down with fever and some kind of weird stomach virus or something because I couldn’t eat anything for 3 days. It was horrible.

The event started at 6.45pm with an opening speech at the hotel lobby in conjunction with the hotel’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Campaign – Stretch Your Ringgit to Save Lives. Collected funds will be donated to the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital’s Paediatric Unit. After the countdown, the Christmas tree plus some other lights lit up followed by a Christmas carol performance.

I love watching live Christmas carolers, especially by kids. It gets you in the mood for Christmas.

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