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It’s time of the year for us to have a holiday and for the Chinese to be reunited again with their family. Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Hotels and restaurants are rolling out their Chinese New Year dishes and set menus to be served at families reunion dinner. I was invited to review the Chinese New Year set menu at Casuarina@Meru Ipoh

Last year, I reviewed the CNY set from The Haven Ipoh. Click below if you wish to read my review.

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I noticed there was a problem when I reached the hotel. I was told that there were some people who turned up unexpectedly. Because of that, it was slightly chaotic. There was no space at the table they had prepared, so I sat at a different table and that’s why you won’t see any pictures of the table setting, or during the meal. And also, there wasn’t enough food. There was some food I didn’t get to taste or didn’t have enough of for me to review.

It’s not the hotel’s fault but it’s very unprofessional for some people to just turn up like that. Because I’m just a blogger, I’m always the one that gets pushed back in order to prioritize the media people. This is not the first time this has happened to me and it’s seriously irritating.

It’s a good thing the Casuarina@Meru staff are friendly 🙂

Just a general word of advice, cook extra food. It’s better to have extra leftovers than to have your guest disappointed because there wasn’t enough food.

Now onto the sinfully delicious food!

Introducing some of the delicious, fantastic, halal & MSG-free Chinese New Year set menu that Casuarina@Meru will be offering from January 15th until February 12th, 2017.

In the picture above, from left to right: Mr. Eugene Lee (Director of Operations), Chef Lee Chee Kheong, Ms. Sabrina (Director of Sales), and Ms. Norafiza (Marcom Manager) with some of the food from the set menu.

This is the Five Hot & Cold Combinations.

Apart from the Dim Sum and The Octopus, I have no idea what the rest are. I think there’s chicken with that cashews. I have no idea what the other two are but they taste really good!

The octopus looks like my favorite chuka idako (Japanese food – seasoned baby octopus). It’s not really chuka idako because it’s not seasoned like the Japanese food, but I was surprised that underneath it was some mango salad. It was nice!

I like everything from this dish and I wish I had more.

This Yee Sang is so colorful!

I’ve always seen people having Yee Sang but I’ve never tasted it. I was pleasantly surprised! It was also fun to mix the Yee Sang with everyone because I’ve never experienced that before. I recorded a video of it and when I’ve posted it, I’ll edit this post with the video.

The Yee Sang was really good. It was crunchy, a little bit sweet with an apparent ginger taste if I remember correctly. I regret taking so little of this because when I wanted seconds, it was all gone.

This salmon was mixed with the Yee Sang. I didn’t get any so I can’t review if it’s good or not. Haha. But I love salmon. Just looking at this picture makes me want to go to a sushi place to eat some delicious fresh raw salmon.

Mmm, the Braised Crab Meat Soup with Dry Scallops!

I love this. I would’ve preferred it to have a little bit more salt to it, but it’s already good as it is. I could eat so much of this!

This is the Buttered Prawns.

What’s not to like when it comes to deep-fried buttered prawns? It’s crispy, crunchy, and buttery. Best eaten with the fried rice!

Casuarina Golden Crispy Chicken.

I’m a fan of chicken, especially fried chicken wings. I was excited to see this on the table. But again, since I feel there wasn’t enough food for everyone that when I got to the chicken, there were only those 2 small wings left.

It looked delicious. Unfortunately, the wings did not have any taste. It was bland. I don’t know if it’s on purpose, or if the meat was seasoned better but I can’t say mine had any taste at all. Maybe they missed seasoning the wings?

Steamed Pomfret with Light Soy Sauce. (or it could be the Steamed Garoupa Fish? Sorry I’m not good with fish and I forgot to ask)

I have to be honest here. I’m not a fan of fish. Especially humongous fish. They scare me. So when I saw this fish, I was terrified at the sight of it, haha. Unfortunately, everybody else got to it first and what was left are just a tiny amount of meat left that I had to scrape off the bones.

It wasn’t bad, actually. It didn’t have the fishy taste (or smell) that I hate. I would have had more if they had more of it.

They added this Seafood Fried Rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf to the table. It’s delicious fried rice, and this is perfectly seasoned. Perfect to be eaten with the buttered prawns! (or fish).

The Chinese Pancake.

I first had this last year and I’ve been loving it ever since. It’s light, crispy, and buttery that crumbles easily in your hand and mouth. It’s not as sweet as I’d like it to be but those who don’t have a sweet tooth would definitely enjoy this.

Why don’t they sell this? If they do, can somebody tell me where I can get this? (that’s Halal of course). I love Chinese Pancakes but I can’t find them anywhere.

This is a picture before we mix Yee Sang ingredients together. It was fun! And it was my first time too. I will update this post with the video I recorded once it’s uploaded.

I forgot to take a picture of Braised Mushrooms & Gluten with Broccoli (I think that’s what it was). I thought I did but turned out I didn’t. That’s my most favorite dish out of all because it has mushrooms and broccoli. It’s strange that I fricken love broccoli now when I used to despise it.

There were also Sweetened Snow Fungus, Ginko Nuts, & Red Dates in Syrup but unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this or even taste it. I can’t believe I forgot to. It was when I had left the place that I realized I forgot haha. I really wanted to taste it for the first time.

For those interested, here are the packages available:



Date : 28 th January – 29 th January 2017
Adult : RM45.00nett
Child : RM20.00nett
Time : 12.00noon – 5.00pm


Date : 28 th January – 29 th January 2017
Adult : RM48.00nett
Child : RM20.00nett
Time : 7.00pm – 11.00pm




Date : 15 th January – 12 th February 2017
Set Menu 1 : RM788.00nett/per table
Time : 7.00pm – 11.00pm
Remarks : Each tables inclusive of 10pcs ang pau packet
Menu : as attached (pre booking required)

Date : 15 th January – 12 th February 2017
Set Menu 2 : RM988.00nett/per table
Time : 7.00pm – 11.00pm
Remarks : Each tables inclusive of 10pcs ang pau packet
Menu : as attached (pre booking required)

Date : 15 th January – 12 th February 2017
Set Menu 3 : RM1188.00nett/per table
Time : 7.00pm – 11.00pm
Remarks : Each tables inclusive of 10pcs ang pau packet
Menu : as attached (pre booking required)

For details and reservations, call 05-529 9999 ext 1008 or 1107, or visit www.casuarinahotels.com.my



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