** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on December 22nd, 2016

It’s quite rare that I get to eat breakfast at home, let alone outside because I’m not much of a morning person. That’s why it’s rare for me to review breakfast meals. But this time because I had something to do in the morning, I decided to have breakfast first at a famous place called ‘Suhaimi Cafe‘ located in Taman Kledang, Jelapang, Ipoh.

I first heard of Suhaimi Cafe last year when it was the talk of the town. Everybody was talking about it. Pictures everywhere. I went there for the first time early this year. I took pictures and wanted to do a review but unfortunately, my computer broke down so I couldn’t. Since it has been a few months already, and that I’m making my second trip there so I thought why not do a new review instead.

The first time I went there, it was very crowded. This time there were a lot of people but not as bad as before. The cafe’s design is simple. Pictures of actors and famous people are proudly displayed on the walls.  The place is also quite small so if it’s crowded, it could get annoying and hot.

Speaking of hot, Suhaimi Cafe is not air-conditioned. Just ceiling fans. So be prepared to sweat on a really hot morning. I reckon it’s better and much cooler to go in the morning before 10 am – before the sun is high up. Service is not bad, and waiting time is acceptable.

And this is the ‘Roti Telur Goyang’ which is the menu Suhaimi Cafe is famously known for.

‘Roti Telur Goyang’ is two pieces of toasted Roti Benggali (thick bread) served with soft-boiled eggs on it. Once you cut open the egg, the soft egg yolk will ooze out onto your bread. So sinfully delicious. Sometimes you get slight overboiled eggs and the yolk has hardened a bit, then it’ll just be creamy yolk on bread but it won’t ‘goyang‘ (jiggle). The jiggling is the most entertaining part for someone easily amused as I am.

Apart from ‘Roti Telur Goyang’, they also have other types of food on the menu including spaghetti (I loved their carbonara spaghetti!), western breakfast, and curry noodles.

I decided to try something else apart from the Roti Telur Goyang at Suhaimi Cafe. I ordered Roti Benggali with curry chicken. The curry is good, seasoned perfectly but I’m surprised at the chicken. It’s all tender chicken meat that just breaks apart easily. Barely any bones. So for RM5, it’s definitely worth it. And I thought I wouldn’t get full from just eating bread. I was wrong.

Now that’s what I call a damn good breakfast.

I don’t like to order coffee when I eat out. I’m aware that people go crazy over their Vietnamese coffee. The last time I went there I had ‘Sirap Bandung‘ so I wanted something else. Then I saw Green Tea on the menu!

Surprisingly their green tea is not the ones in tea bags because I hate those. It’s actually Thai green tea, the kind that you could get for RM5 for a jumbo cup (made popular by Coffee King). It’s my FAVE! So I was really happy to get that Thai green tea instead of the bag ones.

The tea is thick and sweet and refreshing. You could taste the green tea. Some people put too much milk and less green tea which makes the drink overly sweet with barely any green tea flavor and that’s disgusting. If you’re a fan of Thai green tea, this is definitely the drink to get.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact location of Suhaimi Cafe because it’s quite hidden and easily missed. They don’t have a big signboard either. It’s just about 100 meters from the traffic light, near Mee Kari Kak Yah. It’s better if you use Google Map or Waze to help you get to the place.

They open from 7.45 am until 1 pm. They close on Tuesdays.

Address: No. 11&13, Jalan Kledang Raya 22, Taman Alkaff,Silibin,30100 Ipoh,Perak.

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