About the blogger

Hello there! 

My name is Leia Harris and I’m the writer behind LeiaHarris.com

Ipoh mali ya’ll! Born and raised.

Some of you might already recognize me from my previous blogs like my food blog called “Sinfully Delicious Malaysia” (sinfully-delicious.net). Some of you might also know me by my previous nickname, Tany.

I graduated with a diploma in Video & Animation from SEGi University Kota Damansara where I had the opportunity to do my internship at a production company and worked with a few great names in the industry such as director Aziz M. Osman and the legendary musician and composer, Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Nawab. Prior to that, I studied business, executive secretaryship, and a year at Teikyo Malaysia Nihongo Gakuin KL doing Japan’s Pre-U Course.

Apart from blogging, I’ve also taken an interest in fiction writing. My (Malay) short stories have been published by JS Adiwarna in 3 different anthologies – Daun Paku Ungu, Aitrees & Kelip-Kelip Kusangka Api.

I’m a self-certified cat lady. I love food, boba drinks, horror movies, and the list goes on and on.

**Fully vaccinated.



THE BLOG: A Brief History

I used to own a few well-known and somewhat popular blogs prior to this. One of them was my food blog, Sinfully Delicious Malaysia (2008 – 2020).

I have been blogging since the year 2001, when ‘online diary‘ was the new trend back then (livejournal, anyone?). Then blogging on personal domain became a trend and that’s when I started blogging since the year 2002 using the open-source blogging software called ‘Greymatter‘ (the first and original blogging software!). Yes, that’s how ancient it is.

During the Novel Corona Virus pandemic that started in 2020, the fear of the unknown distracted me from maintaining my blogs so due to unfortunate circumstances, I lost all blogs that I’ve had for over a decade.

But I decided to start fresh and focus on just one blog for everything and that’s why LeiaHarris.com was born officially in October 2020!

** Some of my previous reviews/posts from my old blogs that I could recover will be reposted in this blog.

Want to invite me for a review? collaboration?

I have done a number of reviews for hotels, restaurants, products, and events.

If you want to invite me to do a review or do a collaboration/advertorial, there are a few things that I need to mention.

This is the most important thing – I currently reside in IPOH.

I might accept your invitation if it’s outside of Ipoh but I do charge transportation fees to cover my traveling expense and time. Normally I will take the ETS which requires advance booking. I’ve had an experience where the event is canceled hours before my departure at the cost of my own expense. So, to avoid this from happening, I might require my traveling cost to be covered. 

I cover everything.

I review halal and non halal. I review food, restaurants, products, cover events, anything that can be beneficial and be of interest to my readers.

I write HONEST reviews.

My readers will always get an honest review from me so please take note of this before inviting me. I will not sugarcoat anything just because I get compensation from it.

Don’t treat me like I’m invisible. Be nice.

You’re the one who invited me to review your food/event/hotel/restaurant so at least be prepared to do your job as a PR officer. DO NOT invite me if you plan to just pass me to your staff who knows nothing about the invitation nor the food/product. Do not waste my time. I really hate this. How can I write a review if I can’t even get a single piece of information about what I should be reviewing? Be prepared to explain to me about your product/food/place.

I have my own style.

Familiarize yourself with my content and my style of writing. I prioritize quality. This also means that I will only accept review invitations/products if it fits my blog and audience.

Respect the blogger.

It takes A LOT to write a review on a blog post from attending an event/taking pictures to editing pictures/videos to researching and writing. It could take hours to days. It takes a lot of effort, energy, time (and money) to get the job done. Bloggers also need to survive and cover expenses such as web hosting and other costs to maintain the blog. Please respect us bloggers.

Vaccination Status?

Fully vaccinated as of September 14th, 2021.


If you think I’m a good fit to review your brand/restaurant, do CONTACT ME.