** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on December 18th, 2016

For those in Ipoh, I’m sure you’ve heard of Milkcow Ipoh, a premium dessert cafe serving a variety of desserts, coffee and of course, what they’re known for, soft-serve ice cream.

I’d like to note that I visited this outlet quite a while ago and this was supposed to be posted months ago but my computer went bonkers. I’m going to start posting pending reviews from a while ago so expect those to be posted in the coming weeks. I have A LOT to catch up on and piles of reviews to be posted!

Milkcow Ipoh (I think the 6th outlet?) opened in August 2015 so that’s just a little over one year ago. They’re popular with their homemade premium soft ice cream with a variety of toppings. They also made them healthier by using natural honey from honey farms in Korea instead of sugar in their desserts. Plus they’re organic too.

It’s located in the Oldtown area, right opposite Plan B. It’s a corner shop so you can’t miss it. At the time I went there, it was quite late in the evening so the place was not crowded.

As mentioned above, I went there quite a while ago, I mean early this year so there’s CNY decoration in the pictures. Also, do note that things such as the menu or prices might have changed.

It’s not a big place. Quite small and cozy where there are no people. If it’s crowded I bet it could be suffocating.

You could see honeycombs on the display and also their desserts! (and drinks). Look at the colorful macarons. You could also add the macarons to your ice cream.

Here’s the menu of available flavors. They’re quite pricey for me so I was quite surprised. I decided to order the ‘Milk Pop‘ (RM11.50) which comes with gourmet caramel popcorn and salted caramel syrup. I’m a huge fan of anything caramel, especially salted caramel. The customer before me ordered the ‘Snow Drop‘ which has cotton candy and it looked HUMONGOUS. Haha.

So here’s my ‘Milky Pop‘!  Doesn’t that look tempting?

There’s caramel popcorn at the bottom and as the topping. Yes, the ice cream is soft and creamy, it’s quite good. The popcorn is good until you left it in there for too long because you take pictures so slow that they become quite soggy. But personally, it’s too small for the price I paid. It’s good ice cream, but not something I could have on a regular basis because I’m always broke.

It’s a cozy place despite being a little small where you could gather with your friends and have a little chat over some ice-creams or coffee or desserts. Do note though that since it’s in Old Town, parking is always HELL there especially during the weekends or lunch hour. Would be better off taking Uber instead.

UPDATE: Milkcow is no longer in business.

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