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Hi, I’m Leia.
Ipoh food & lifestyle blogger, foodie, social media addict, and a weirdo.

I used to own a somewhat popular food blog called “Sinfully Delicious Malaysia” but unfortunately, without warning, my web host deleted ALL of my blogs that I’ve owned for more than a decade. I decided to rebrand myself and create this blog, LEIAHARRIS.COM

Most of my previous blog posts and reviews couldn’t be recovered. Those I could recover have been reposted in this blog. Want to invite me to your event or to review your restaurant or products? Drop me an email and let’s talk!



My Clients

I’ve worked with a number of hotels, restaurants/cafes, and celebrities. Here are some of the clients I have featured in my blog that I’ve personally worked with or have been personally invited to their events/reviews as a blogger.

Note: As my old websites have been deleted without warning by my web host, I couldn’t recover some of my old reviews. Old blog posts I recovered have been re-posted. Some posts will only contain pictures, without any reviews as I couldn’t recover them.



  • WEIL Hotel
  • Casuarina Hotel Meru
  • Impiana Hotel
  • Tower Regency
  • The Haven Resorts
  • Nunkkock Korean Dessert Cafe
  • Teamali
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Apam Balik Abang Pomen
  • Vintage Cafe
  • Dinosaurs Sandwich
  • D’Atas Restaurant
  • D’Annor Station
  • Sahom Valley Kampar
  • La Cottage Kampar
  • Port Kambing Bakar St. 18
  • Pitboy BBQ
  • Ladyheart Cafe
  • Vietnamese Taste Greentown
  • Best Cendol Ipoh
  • Dopamine
  • Kaki Steamboat & Grill
  • Basilico Ipoh


Kuala Lumpur

  • Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences KL
  • Pacific Regency Hotel Suites
  • Shangri-La Hotel KL
  • TPC KL
  • Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL
  • Hilton Hotel KL
  • Pullman Hotel KL Bangsar
  • Hotel Royal KL
  • Premiera Hotel KL
  • Silka Hotel Cheras
  • JW Marriott KL
  • Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort
  • Joke & Lok (The Joke Factory Publika)
  • SOU Omakase Dining The Gardens
  • Green Tomato Cafe
  • Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Sunway Putra Mall
  • Myeondong Topokki
  • Tamarind Hill Restaurant KL
  • Eatropica KL
  • Breakfast Thieves Bangsar
  • Fahrenheit 600 Publika
  • Okonomi Publika
  • Knowhere Bangsar



  • Concorde Hotel Shah Alam
  • Bangi Golf Resort
  • Yoogane 1Utama



  • Dolly Dim Sum IOI City Mall



  • Uber Malaysia
  • Foodpanda Malaysia
  • Carlsberg Malaysia
  • SPARK Foundation (Heineken Malaysia)
  • Australian High Commission KL
  • Anchor Food Professionals
  • Ayam Brands
  • HONOR Malaysia
  • Quill City Mall
  • MILO Malaysia
  • Flower Chimp
  • NU Sentral
  • Ho Yan Hor Museum
  • HOVID Malaysia
  • KakiSeni
  • Sharpened Word Ipoh
  • TAG La
  • Signature Market
  • High-5 Bread Malaysia
  • Printcious Gifts
  • ExpressVPN
  • A Better Florist Malaysia
  • Kitohana
  • TOP Detergent (Lion) Malaysia




  • Aziz M. Osman (Director)
  • CKW (Director of Pintu Neraka movie)
  • Hezle Helan (Producer)
  • Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Nawab Khan
  • Harith Iskander & Dr. Jezamine Lim
  • Nur Fazura & Fattah Amin

*I’ve met and worked with a lot more artists, celebrities, and also book writers.




  • Siti Jewels Meru
  • Ikhtiar Sembuh Tradisional Batu Gajah

 Photo Gallery

Featured Videos

Sometimes I will record a video of the event and post it on my Youtube channel. I had a few channels separately back then for my blogs, street food, and events but I decided to combine all of them into one place and reupload them to my new channel, “Creative Neko Media”. Do check out my channel for more videos and don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button!