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Salam Ramadhan!

Today is the 5th day since we started fasting early this week. Wow, it has been 5 days already? Boy, time flies! I wanted to post a few reviews before Ramadan but one of my cats has been critical with jaundice and I’ve been busy trying to raise funds to cover his treatment cost.

So, what’s one of the things that we usually look forward to in Ramadhan? Well, of course, it’s the food! From Ramadhan bazaar to Ramadhan buffet, there are surely a lot of choices to pick that can give one a headache. Last week I was invited to preview the buffet selection for Ramadhan which is now available at TIFFIN, WEIL Hotel Ipoh.

WEIL Hotel Ipoh is located in the heart of Ipoh, and it’s even connected to the Ipoh Parade shopping mall. You can check out my previous reviews of WEIL Hotel Ipoh:

This year’s Ramadhan buffet concept is ‘Citarasa Utara‘ where guests are able to enjoy the finest northern cuisine with live cooking stations as well as a variety of International dishes. They aim to spoil the guests with delicious authentic foods from the northern regions of Perlis, Penang, Kedah, and Perak.

This review features only a small portion of what they actually offer.

The buffet will be located in their restaurant, TIFFIN which just received its Halal status less than a year ago. They feature all-time northern favorite such as Ayam Panggang Percik, Rendang Tok, Gulai Ayam Berkentang, Ayam Masak Madu, Ikan Masin Bulu Ayam, Puyuh Goreng Madu, Sotong Masak Kunyit, Bubur Lambuk, Kari Ketam Dengan Nenas, Kari Kepala Ikan dengan Bendi and they even have live cooking stations featuring Ikan Bakar, Roast Lamb, Indian Roti, Shawarma and Lok Lok.

Just typing this out is making me hungry.

We were served with Sirap Bandung (sweet syrup with condensed milk) and I loved it. It’s just nice and not overwhelmingly sweet and definitely a thirst-quencher. There was also a selection of fruits.

Some of the selections available – kerabu, dalcha, the veggies (I actually forgot what that dish is called… is that sayur geti with sweet potato?


This Ayam Panggang Percik is one of the main highlights that you really need to taste no matter what. It’s so delicious! It’s flavorful and the chicken is tender and definitely different than the normal ‘Ayam Percik’ you get at the bazaar. I regret not binging on this that night. Haha.

The satay was, unfortunately, a bit on the tough side that night and I was recovering from wisdom tooth surgery so I couldn’t eat much of this. I think it was overcooked and charred which made the meat tough.

Soup (Sup Tulang Lembu) is also available but I didn’t taste it so I can’t comment. Looks good, though!

THIS. IS. TO. DIE. FOR x 20.

Omaigod. I can’t express how much I love this Sambal Udang Petai. Apart from the Ayam Panggang Percik, this Sambal Udang Petai is a MUST HAVE! I love, love, love that the prawns are peeled so you can just straight away eat it without all the hassle of peeling it and making a mess. Sometimes, the prawns aren’t cooked well enough with their shell on so that’s why I love that they’ve peeled it. It was cooked to perfection.

I seriously would go back just to have this. I seriously can’t express how much I love this. My ultimate fave that night. But then again, Sambal Udang Petai has always been one of my ultimate faves but my mom doesn’t make it with petai (bitter or stinky bean) because it’s quite hard to get petai so to have the prawns with petai that night –


This is the Ikan Bakar which I, unfortunately, did not get to taste that night (I actually forgot to go and taste it).

This is the Kari Ketam dengan Nenas (Curry Crab with Pineapple). Because I was still healing from the wisdom tooth surgery, I couldn’t eat this either. A bit sad because I’ve been wanting to eat crab for years and when it’s finally in front of me, I couldn’t.

I think this is called ‘gulai kawah‘?… look at how thick and delicious it looks – need I say more?

One of the chefs carving the roasted lamb. I used to dislike lamb… hmm more like fear it because of the taste but lamb can taste really good when it’s cooked right! And this roasted lamb was definitely cooked right. It didn’t have that awful smell or taste and was so sinfully delicious.

As for the kuih, The ‘Apam‘ is good, not sweet and not bland but my favorite from that night is that ‘Kuih Ketayap‘. The (green) skin is a bit on the thicker side and I prefer the thinner version but the coconut filling was really good. The sweetness is perfect without being too overwhelming with a good balance of all the flavors.


This is what we were served – looking at this picture with that Sambal Udang Petai is pure torture I tell you. Pure torture. The temptation is great in this one. Geez, look at all those prawns. And the petai. God, help me.


A visit to WEIL Hotel is not complete without checking out their infinity pool and the picturesque night view of Ipoh city.

I know you must be asking, ‘What about the price‘? For adults, the Ramadhan buffet is priced at RM78nett, and for senior citizens at RM68nett.

For reservations, you can call WEIL Hotel at 05-208 2228 or you can email them at tiffin@weilhotel.com

Selamat Berbuka!


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