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Did you know that Malaysia is named as one of the ASEAN countries that has the highest prevalence of obesity among children and adolescents with 23.7% of our children and adolescent being obese?

This is why Ayam Brand™, a Malaysian favorite for 126 years is holding a nationwide Healthy KIDS Food Festival to fuel better food choices as part of its annual corporate social responsibility program.

The event was held at STG Oldtown Ipoh.

Ayam Brand invited the children from 4 different children’s homes in Ipoh to join the event – Rumah Anak Yatim dan Warga Miskin Budi Mulia Nurul Huda, Praise Girls, and Boys Home Ipoh, Rumah Anak Yatim Yayasan Amanah An-Nur Maisarah, and the Salvation Army Ipoh Children’s Home from Perak.

Mr. Nathan Deverre from Ayam Brand™ gave an overview of what the Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign ‘Healthy KIDS Food Festival’ is all about.

This year’s charity campaign aims to empower children to make their own food choices through engaging and interactive activities that help them identify the main food groups, understand portion size, and make more informed food choices on how nutritious food can positively shape their bodies.

Ayam Brand™ emphasizes the contribution of its products to participating charity homes as many of these homes lack regular access to good sources of nutrients, that are essential for children’s health and growth.

Now in its eleventh year, the Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign has reached approximately 20,000 people from 482 charity organizations, providing them with 1,404,000 healthy and convenient meals!

Explaining the Healthy KIDS Food Festival, Ayam Brand representative Mr. Nathan Deverre said “Children learn better through play. Ayam Brand developed the Healthy KIDS Food Festival with games created for kids to have fun while learning how to make informed food choices.  We hope the kids participating today will practice what they have learned daily and shared these tips with their friends to spread the message of healthy eating.

Among the engaging workshop sessions were ‘Yay or Nay’ where kids can learn to identify and differentiate between healthy and unhealthy food choices, crosswords on the benefits of Omega 3 and DHA at the ‘Crossword’ booth, the ‘Healthy Plate’ booth where children work together to determine the number of different food groups in a balanced diet and the ‘DIY’ booth for kids to plate their own Nasi Lemak Tuna based on what they have learned.

The kids also did a coloring session as well. Praise Girls and Boys Home Ipoh won first place in the challenges and took home some prizes.

Now let’s talk about the foods that were served there.

I was so excited to see the nice little food set up on the table. The first thing that caught my eyes was the cupcake tier!

I am a HUGE fan of cupcakes and I go crazy when I see cupcakes like a little kid entering Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and discovering the oompa loompas for the first time. I was really surprised to see cupcakes there. They all look so beautiful on that cupcake tier.

So… damn… beautiful.

Grilled chicken sausage.

They didn’t serve much of this so they ran out before I could get to it. Was quite disappointed because I really love sausages and wanted to try some.

Fried potatoes.

It’s also your normal pieces of fried potatoes which would go nicely with some chili sauce but unfortunately, they ran out so I was stuck with tomato sauce. Not a fan of tomato sauce with fries.

Fried chicken.

It’s your normal fried chicken. Soft, not crispy and I think they’re all boneless.

Spaghetti Bolognese.

I’m not a huge fan of spaghetti bolognese because some people make it dry, and there’s not enough melted mozzarella cheese on it but this surprisingly turned out very nice that I went for a second.

This cupcake is TO.DIE.FOR.

I have never tasted a cupcake base that’s so soft and fluffy. Well, maybe because in my area it’s quite hard to find good cupcakes that I really like. But this. My goodness.

Well done. If I could have a dozen, I would have on that day.

The chocolate cake is not sweet which goes really nicely with the slightly sweet cream with cookie crumbles and a mini Oreo-like cookie on top. It’s not an over-the-top-diabetes-inducing-sweet type of cupcake so that’s a plus.

That cupcake was the highlight of my day.

Rumah Anak Yatim dan Warga Miskin Budi Mulia Nurul Huda, Praise Girls and Boys Home Ipoh, Rumah Anak Yatim Yayasan Amanah An-Nur Maisarah and the Salvation Army Ipoh Children’s Home from Perak received two months’ supply of Ayam Brand products including sardines, mackerel, tuna, and coconut milk products sufficient for two months daily meals for all the children under their care.

For more information on Ayam Brand™, please visit www.ayambrand.com.my or https://www.facebook.com/AyamBrand.Recipes.

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