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Ahhh, Samyang pizza! Who doesn’t love the Samyang ramen, right? It’s notorious for its different kinds of heat. Not everyone could handle it. I’ve been happy when Domino’s Pizza Malaysia announced they’re doing a Korean type of pizza and name it ‘Samyang pizza!’.

Ok, correction. It’s spelled ‘#Samyeang‘.

Thank you to Domino’s Pizza for extending their invitation to me to join the blogger meetup and Samyeang pizza preview at the Ipoh Domino’s branch in Medan Ipoh Bestari.

It was my first time tasting the Samyeang pizza so I was really excited.

Get excited for the next K-wave by Domino’s Pizza!

What’s unique about their new Samyeang pizza is that they’re staying true to Korean pop music style.

Domino’s drew inspiration from Malaysians’ love for Korean food and culture.You know how much we love K-Pop (G-Dragon, I love you).

They introduced their own ‘boy band’, The Samyeangs, to emulate and represent the flavors and attributes of the pizzas.

Meet ‘The Samyeangs‘, its own three-member boy band, along with a female guest star, Ayam-haseyo.

The pizza comes in 3 different varieties:

  • Samyeang Tuna
  • Samyeang Chicken
  • Samyeang Beef

The sauce is Domino’s own unique creation so it’s a one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else. I think now (maybe for a limited time) you could get the Samyeang sauce in a bottle from Domino’s pizza. Now you could even make your own food with the one-of-kind Samyeang sauce.

They used (and also recommend) the New York crust instead of the normal crust during that day which I absolutely love. I don’t like a thick nor crispy crust. New York crust, even though thin, allows you to savor the flavor more.

Tuna is the least spicy one, but there’s still a hint of heat. Those who can’t eat spicy things would love this one. I would say this is more sweet than spicy. Normally I’m not a fan of tuna pizza but I really love this! I think tuna and the Samyeang sauce are a perfect match.

Chicken is mild. It’s not overwhelmingly spicy and you can still enjoy the heat and sweetness together. It’s has a nice and unique equal blend of heat and sweetness in the sauce.

Beef is the spiciest. They’re not joking around. This is VERY spicy! Being a lover of Samyang ramen, I thought Domino’s couldn’t match the spiciness level.

Boy, was I so wrong.

When I had the first bite, I nearly choked. I didn’t expect it to be hot. Sweet and very hot. Well done, Domino’s pizza. You have exceeded my expectations on the hotness level.

Feel the burn.

Then they introduced ‘Ayam-Haseyo‘ which is the chicken wings coated in Samyeang sauce. It’s my new favorite apart from the hot & spicy chicken wings.

We were also served the ‘Cheesy Four‘ which is my absolute favorite but I didn’t get to taste any that day because I was too full.

And as for dessert, I had my fave – lava cake!

If you’ve never had lava cake before, it’s a cake with a gooey center. There are two flavors available at Domino’s – Chocolate and Chocolate+Peanut Butter.

I absolutely love both but chocolate is my favorite.

Here’s a very short preview of the blogger event and Samyeang pizza preview on that day at Domino’s Pizza Ipoh.

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