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For a whole month of Ramadhan, guests at WEIL Hotel will be greeted with TIFFIN’s Juadah Istimewa Ramadhan buffet 2017 spread where diners will be able to enjoy not only the traditional flavorsome Ramadhan dishes but also a variety of different international dishes. I was invited to preview their Ramadhan buffet 2017.


I also reviewed their Ramadhan buffet last year. You could read by clicking the link below:

Note: This month has got to be the busiest and the most challenging month ever for me. I’ve had so many things happening, going back and forth many times Ipoh-KL-Ipoh in a span of three weeks, dealing with personal issues, emergency cases, and so on. Please bear with me as I try to quickly post all reviews as soon as possible.

WEIL Hotel Ramadhan Buffet 2017 preview was held at TIFFIN restaurant and will be for the whole of Ramadhan. TIFFIN is a halal restaurant located on the ground floor of WEIL Hotel.

The salad/appetizer section with a small variety of different salads to choose from. A selection of local salads (kerabu) is available in a different section.

And then a selection of fresh fruits and also dates (kurma). The dates are very sweet, the kind I love.

I usually skip the soup section and go straight for the main dish. This is the first that caught my attention.

Ketam Masak Lemak Cili Padi.

I haven’t eaten crab for a long time that I got excited when I saw this dish. Delicious!

Nestum Prawn.

I’ve never seen fried prawns with nestum before, didn’t think that combination would be good but I was wrong. Nestum adds a nice crunch just like bread crumbs.

Another one is of the not-to-be-missed highlights.

Ayam Panggang Percik.

Absolutely delicious. Ayam percik is the kind of food I always look forward to during Ramadhan. The only difference with this dish is that it’s not roasted like the typical ayam percik on sticks.

I don’t go for rice during buffet and I’m not a huge fan of briyani but I ended up loving this Briyani Chicken Rice.

There are a few more dishes that were great which I’ve captured in the video below.

Roti John was also available.

I managed to see live how the Murtabak was made and cooked.

The Ice Cream and ABC station.

The Goreng-Goreng station.

The Chicken Rice station with two types of chicken available – roasted or poached.

The Satay station with beef and chicken satay.

Roasted lamb at the live carving station located outside of the restaurant.

They had an assortment of kuih available to choose from and the kuih were so fricken good. My mom even mentioned that one of the kuih, I don’t know the name, tasted exactly like how my grandma used to make.

My most favorite was ‘kuih gelang‘, which looks like mini fried donuts made out of sweet potato. It is fried in oil at first then in sugar, where the sugar will coat it and dry, forming the sugar crust. I like it sweet so the ‘whiter’ the donut looks, the better (meaning more sugar).

The beauty of going to a buffet is seeing the colorful and sinfully delicious desserts.

Next to the dessert section, you could find all the local salad like different types of kerabu and also rojak.

Plus, you could even find the lemang that can be eaten with beef or chicken serunding.

This is quite a scary-looking mix of foods on a plate haha. I had to taste a bit of everything because they all looked so good.

Then I tried the kerabu – so darn good! If you’ve never tasted kerabu before, they have a strong sour/tangy taste.

I also tasted the murtabak, roti john, and some lemang.

Then the desserts! I super love the cream puff. And of course, from the local kuih, I loved the kuih gelang or kuih keria or the mini sweet potato donut, whatever you call it.

I didn’t notice there was a shawarma stall at the entrance and when I saw people eating and complimenting how good it was, I wanted to try one.

Yup, it’s definitely one of the highlights you shouldn’t miss because it was good.

And I also tried Bubur Lambuk.

They gave out free bubur lambuk on the first day of Ramadhan and I managed to get it. It was so good.

I couldn’t miss the meat part so I had a couple of satays and roasted lamb.

The satay’s sauce was really spicy, which is surprising because most places don’t make it really spicy. The only thing is that the satay meat was quite dry, maybe because it had been on the plate out for too long that it got cold.

Of course, ending the good buffet meal with a warm cup of Cappuccino.

RM78 for adults
RM68 for senior citizens (60 yrs above)
RM38 for kids (6-12 years old)

For reservations, call 05-208 2228 or email tiffin@weilhotel.com

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