** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on May 24th, 2018

Concorde Hotel Shah Alam has chosen ‘The Best of Kota Anggerik‘ as the theme for this year’s Ramadhan buffet available at Melting Pot Cafe.

I took the 7.25 am ETS train from Ipoh and reached KL Sentral at about 10.15 am after a slight delay. It’s been a while since I last took the morning train. I didn’t even sleep as I was afraid that I’d overslept like last time and miss the train. Took the KTM train to Shah Alam and reached the hotel at about 12 pm. I’m actually surprised I managed to reach before the event started.

The menu comprises over 100 scrumptious dishes.

Out of over 100 dishes, 10 of the hotel’s specialty dishes include:

  • Nasi Kandar Seksyen Sembilan
  • Asam Laksa
  • Daging Rendang Tok
  • Sambal Petai Pedas Manis
  • Ayam Kari Kapitan
  • Kacang Panjang Tumis Belacan
  • Kambing Panggang Berempah Bawang Putih
  • Sup Gear Box
  • Sup kambing Mamak

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on December 20th, 2017

I wanted to post this sooner but unfortunately, I’ve been down with sickness for more than a week. Vertigo, severe migraine, and allergies. I think it’s the weather. It’s been way too hot and my body just couldn’t handle it.

Earlier, this month, I was invited to sample and review the Christmas & New Year buffet at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. Yay, Christmas!

Check out my other reviews of Concorde Hotel Shah Alam:

Yep, I went all the way from Ipoh to Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. I needed a break anyway so it was an opportunity to leave my problems for a day. I was very lucky to get a seat on the ETS train. The morning train was fully booked. When I was buying the tickets, there were only 6 seats left. I completely forgot that it was a long weekend. Friday was a public holiday (Maulidur Rasul).

I reached KL Sentral at 10 am, waited for the KTM Komuter which arrived at 10.10 am or so, and reached Shah Alam station at about 10.45 am. Took an Uber and reached Concorde Hotel Shah Alam at about 11 am.

I was happy to see Christmas-themed foods because Christmas is one of my most fave holidays. I wish there were more, though. I wish they had honey-glazed turkey because it is so good. Would be nice to see some gingerbread man cookies too because I really love them. Every year I would buy gingerbread man cookies from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

But don’t worry, though. Gingerbread house will be available during the Christmas Eve buffet dinner.

I was happy to see the Christmas log! And I love the decoration as well. It’s so cute.

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on March 25th, 2017

Lemon Garden Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur officially reopened its doors on February 27th, 2017 after undergoing renovation for four months. On the 24th, I was invited to their re-opening party. It was perfect timing too since on that very day, I would be in KL as sort of like a birthday getaway and for Yoogane’s official grand opening.

READ: Yoogane Malaysia Official Grand Opening

I almost did not make it to Lemon Garden’s event because it was raining heavily in KL and I was heading from Bandar Utama.

When I googled the location, I was glad to find out the hotel is easily accessible by public transportation since I wasn’t driving to KL. Obviously, using other modes of transportation like Uber/Grabcar/Taxi is out of the question during peak hours. You’ll be stuck in a traffic jam for hours.

Even at night, the traffic jam was bad since it was a Friday night. I thought I’d take an Uber to get back to KL Sentral after the event. I had my Uber driver canceled on me because he was stuck in a bad traffic jam and I couldn’t wait as my ETS was scheduled to leave at 10.45 pm (but it was delayed!).

If you take the monorail, you stop at the Bukit Nanas station and walk for about 8 minutes or so. I was really worried I couldn’t walk to Shangri-La Hotel as it was raining heavily on my way there and I did not bring any umbrella. As soon as I reached Bukit Nanas monorail station, there was only light rain. Phew.

To be honest, I got lost at first when I got to the hotel. I kept going to the wrong side where there’s actually a smaller cafe named ‘Lemon Garden 2 Go‘. It took me a while to figure out the way to Lemon Garden located on the other side. From the lobby’s entrance, Lemon Garden is located on the right side, while the smaller version of Lemon Garden 2 Go is located on the left side.

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on December 17th, 2016

End of November, I was invited to witness the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at WEIL Hotel Ipoh then have a Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner at Tiffin.

Last year, I was also invited and reviewed their Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony then had the opportunity to preview Tiffin’s Christmas buffet that I enjoyed so much especially their desserts. I’ve also written other reviews involving WEIL Hotel.

I meant to post this sooner but my computer took too long to be repaired and then I was sick for a couple of weeks. I almost didn’t go to this one because my body was starting to feel weird. I think it was the weather which had been rainy and wet every day for November. A couple of days later I was struck down with fever and some kind of weird stomach virus or something because I couldn’t eat anything for 3 days. It was horrible.

The event started at 6.45pm with an opening speech at the hotel lobby in conjunction with the hotel’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Campaign – Stretch Your Ringgit to Save Lives. Collected funds will be donated to the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital’s Paediatric Unit. After the countdown, the Christmas tree plus some other lights lit up followed by a Christmas carol performance.

I love watching live Christmas carolers, especially by kids. It gets you in the mood for Christmas.

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** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on October 30th, 2016

I was once again invited to TIFFIN at WEIL Hotel Ipoh to preview their improvised baked seafood buffet dinner which is available every Friday & Saturday from 6pm.

I was excited to be back at TIFFIN because the last time I was there in December 2015 for their Christmas buffet dinner, I still can’t forget their Maple & Mustard Glazed Turkey Toast (it was SO GOOD like omg) and also their sinfully delicious selection of desserts. You can read that blog post and other reviews by clicking the links below:

Before I start, I’d like to mention something. In my previous post, I mentioned that I’m back from my hiatus because I had my computer repaired. Well, it died again today so I need to send it back to the store and get it fixed. I don’t know how long that’ll take so blogging will resume soon once my computer is fixed again.

If you’ve never been to TIFFIN before, the restaurant is located on the ground floor of the WEIL Hotel. It’s quite a big restaurant so plenty of seating is available, especially during the peak holiday season. I was excited to see their seafood selection.

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