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End of November, I was invited to witness the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at WEIL Hotel Ipoh then have a Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner at Tiffin.

Last year, I was also invited and reviewed their Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony then had the opportunity to preview Tiffin’s Christmas buffet that I enjoyed so much especially their desserts. I’ve also written other reviews involving WEIL Hotel.

I meant to post this sooner but my computer took too long to be repaired and then I was sick for a couple of weeks. I almost didn’t go to this one because my body was starting to feel weird. I think it was the weather which had been rainy and wet every day for November. A couple of days later I was struck down with fever and some kind of weird stomach virus or something because I couldn’t eat anything for 3 days. It was horrible.

The event started at 6.45pm with an opening speech at the hotel lobby in conjunction with the hotel’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Campaign – Stretch Your Ringgit to Save Lives. Collected funds will be donated to the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital’s Paediatric Unit. After the countdown, the Christmas tree plus some other lights lit up followed by a Christmas carol performance.

I love watching live Christmas carolers, especially by kids. It gets you in the mood for Christmas.

Then Santa Claus came down and gave everyone something. I think they were candies.

WEIL Hotel Ipoh also invited the children from Harapan Baru Orphanage. I saw them last year but more cute kids attended this year!

Tiffin was already full with people, couples, and families enjoying their Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner together.

Christmas has always been my fave time of the year because of the food. I was really excited to see what’s available at Tiffin this year and to see if my fave was available or not. Of course, there are the usual soup and salad section and also fresh seafood section.

And yes! Found my favorite Maple & Mustard Glazed Turkey Toast!

I also found my other favorite which wasn’t available last year – Beef Stroganoff. I think it’s a modified version to give it Asian flavor because it’s spicy & thick and not as creamy as I’d expected the classic stroganoff to be.

The Roasted Chicken with Thyme Sauce was good as well.

And I love this fried rice! It’s your typical fried rice with mixed veggies but with added turkey toast. I wish I had more.

There was a live Roasted Turkey carving section with two different gravy/sauces you could choose from – brown sauce or cranberry sauce.

Different type of beef & chicken sausages you could choose from at the BBQ Grill Station.

And also different kinds of meat and seafood that you could get grilled.

I think they had like 5 or 6 different sauces/gravy that you could choose from for your grilled food.

The dessert section wasn’t as impressive as last year with just a few selections of desserts available like some cookies, pudding, and then I think fruits. Last year’s dessert section took me by surprise. You could read my review from last year – Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony & Buffet Preview @ Tiffin, WEIL Hotel Ipoh.

On my first plate, I had a small amount of delicious Turkey Toast fried rice, chicken, beef stroganoff, and of course, my fave turkey toast.

My second plate was the seafood. They had Salmon Roulade Platter but I think I got the ones that were just taken out of the freezer because when I bit into it, it was like biting a chunk of ice. Literally, there was ice.

One can’t have a Thanksgiving dinner without the turkey! I had the brown sauce then took some cranberry sauce. OMAIGOD the cranberry sauce was so good. I wish I had more but I was already getting full.

Binging on the meat! Some sausages, beef, and lamb drowned in a mix of I think 6 different sauces because I’m weird and crazy like that. It was like having meat with soup of at least 6 different flavors. My fave is BBQ. My lamb was just the inedible part, not much meat at all 🙁

Then the desserts! A little bit of everything – Christmas Yule Log, some Strawberry Tiramisu (I think) and it was SO GOOD, some Christmas stollen which I didn’t prefer so much because the spice was too strong for me and I don’t generally like fruit cakes/bread anyway.

But OMAIGOD, the hot chocolate pudding… it was warm and creamy and chocolatey and it was so sinfully delicious! I regret not binging on that because seriously, it was that damn good! I gotta learn how to make it.

So while eating, some of the children came to our table to talk. Since I was feeling weird, I was being socially awkward that night but it was fun to watch them talk, laugh, played games, and selfie like crazy haha The children we so damn cute! I couldn’t communicate with them unfortunately because I don’t speak Cantonese (I think) and they don’t speak English.

Christmas early bird specials promotion is available at RM134nett per adult for Christmas Eve buffet dinner, bookings are open until the 20th of December while the normal price is at RM168nett per adult.

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