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I was once again invited to TIFFIN at WEIL Hotel Ipoh to preview their improvised baked seafood buffet dinner which is available every Friday & Saturday from 6pm.

I was excited to be back at TIFFIN because the last time I was there in December 2015 for their Christmas buffet dinner, I still can’t forget their Maple & Mustard Glazed Turkey Toast (it was SO GOOD like omg) and also their sinfully delicious selection of desserts. You can read that blog post and other reviews by clicking the links below:

Before I start, I’d like to mention something. In my previous post, I mentioned that I’m back from my hiatus because I had my computer repaired. Well, it died again today so I need to send it back to the store and get it fixed. I don’t know how long that’ll take so blogging will resume soon once my computer is fixed again.

If you’ve never been to TIFFIN before, the restaurant is located on the ground floor of the WEIL Hotel. It’s quite a big restaurant so plenty of seating is available, especially during the peak holiday season. I was excited to see their seafood selection.

The first I saw was the SASHIMI section! I wasn’t expecting this and when I saw it, I was like a kid in candy land since I’m a fan of Japanese food.

This is the prettiest view of the ice bath section featuring fresh seafood. There are scallops, green mussels, tiger prawns, oysters, and salmon. There are a few different condiments available that you can choose from.

And here’s my first plate from the fresh seafood section! I chose to have them with soy sauce mixed with wasabi. Oh gosh yes. I could eat this alone all night long but I had to taste other foods too so yeah 🙁 Wouldn’t want to overstuffed myself and get sick.

It was my first time tasting ‘fish terrine‘. I’m not a huge fan of fish so didn’t prefer it that much.

Next section is the selection of salad and fruits. The first thing that caught my attention is the ‘Marinated Japanese Octopus Salad‘! I did not expect that to be available. A few years back I could never eat that. I don’t know why but after my friend forced me to eat it one day, I ended up loving it now.

Of course, there’s the Asian selection with rice and all. From the hot section, you can find a variety of dishes like Chili Crab, Prawn Tandoori Skewer, Butter Prawn, Oyster Lafitte, and more.

And this is my second plate from the hot section!

I chose to have some Marinated Japanese Octopus Salad, Sotong Goreng Kunyit, Baked Crusted Mussel, Prawn Tandoori Skewer and Roasted Chicken with Thai Mango Sauce.

All so good! I especially love that roasted chicken because the Thai mango sauce has the distinct Thai taste – a mix of sweet and sour. The Sotong Goreng Kunyit however lacked the taste of kunyit (turmeric). I’m big on turmeric so I want the taste to be strong. It’s slightly on the bland side, so would’ve preferred it to have a little bit more salt too.

Next, the staff highly recommended that I taste the pasta so off I went to the pasta station. There you could mix and match to make your own pasta. It’s a live station so the pasta will be cooked on the spot by the chef. There are two types of pasta – spiral and linguine. Then two types of sauce – tomato or cream. Then a few choices of other ingredients like chicken ham, prawns etc.

For mine, I chose to have linguine in cream sauce with some chicken ham and a sprinkle of chili flakes. Then wait and watch while the chef cooks the pasta in the sauce.


There’s no word to describe how absolutely and so sinfully delicious this pasta is! It’s very creamy, the flavor and seasoning were perfect… oh gosh, if I wasn’t getting full I would’ve gotten a second.. or maybe third. Just looking and thinking about it right now is making me drool. Argh. This is torture

This is the Freshly Baked Seafood Selection section. There are a few types of seafood that will be cooked on the spot for you by the chef. I didn’t order this one but it looks like the Portuguese-style grill where they cook the seafood in the aluminum foil. I used to love eating those with Lala and squids.

And this is what it looks like after it has been grilled. A mix of seafood and a special sauce, a bit spicy and sour-ish. I didn’t eat this though, just tasted the sauce a bit.

Next, it was time to attack the dessert section! You can find individual close-up pictures of the desserts in my Instagram ‘SinfullyDeliciousMalaysia‘. There are Orange Cream Cake, Mini Opera Cake, Chocolate Moist Cake, Fruit Tart, Oreo Cheesecake to name a few. And the green one in the fancy glass is Honeydew Pudding.

So of course, I had to have a little bit of everything and I love them all! Some might be a little too sweet for some people but not for me. I especially love that creme brulee! It’s one of my most favorite desserts. No complaints here, all so sinfully delicious!

Overall I’ve been satisfied with the menu and taste at TIFFIN. The seafood buffet dinner is available every Friday & Saturday from 6pm. The price?

Adult – RM68
Senior Citizen – RM58
Children (6-12 years) – RM38

TIFFIN is also a halal-certified restaurant so everyone could enjoy the delicious seafood and live stations featuring baked seafood, pasta, and noodle station!


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30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Tel: (605) 208 2228 
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