** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on December 11, 2016

I finally got my iMac back! After I sent it back to the service center to be repaired and it took them one month, my computer is finally back and I finally have a computer to write my blog posts. I’m slowly catching up with my pending blog posts (I have A LOT, mind you) once I finished installing stuff on the computer.

A few weeks ago, there was a Chinese Halal Food Festival at Jalan Panglima Ipoh (opposite Plan B) which I will write about soon. While I was there, I went across to Plan B just to quickly check out things. Little did I know, there was an event there organized by KakiSeni (called #BongkarOldtown) to promote The Other Festival 2017. While I was there, I saw a familiar face.

I saw Sam from Artisan Handmade Bread!

I first saw Sam (but did not talk to him) at The Other Festival 2015. He was there, at the exact same spot a Kong Heng Square. I wanted to get his bread at that time but it was sold out. Then someone I know introduced him to me, and we finally met at a car boot sale at Indulgence Restaurant Ipoh. We didn’t meet again until this event!

Sam is such a friendly guy to talk to and we had a nice long chat while there weren’t any customers there. He used to be a chef at The Deck, WEIL Hotel as well.

He was giving out free samples of his bread. All of his bread are handmade and they’re not really the typical bread you find at the supermarket. He also likes to ‘experiment’ with different kinds of bread-making techniques, ingredients, and flavors.

So for that day, here are some of the bread menu available. Some were almost sold out.

The Classic Rye Sour Dough bread and cost RM10. I think this is the most popular one.

I received a complimentary Chili, Garlic, Cumin, and Coriander bread (RM10). This is my favorite! It’s slightly spicy and it’s even better when you eat it with the Mint Green Peas spread. I just couldn’t get enough of this!

I received another complimentary bread but I forgot which one – whether it was the classic rye sour dough or this one but whichever it was, still delicious! My mom loved it when she ate it with the Traditional Pure Coconuts Kaya. She’s a fan of Artisan Handmade Bread as well.

Also received a complimentary potato bread (the right one) when I bought the two spreads (mint green peas and kaya). There’s nothing to complain about his bread because they’re all good, and homemade so no artificial flavor or ingredients. All made fresh with love.

A while later more people came to taste the free sample and to buy the bread.

I bought two of these spreads and they’re RM10 each.

I absolutely LOVE the mint green peas one! It’s so so so good! And as mentioned above, it tasted great with the chili bread because both are slightly spicy and the combination of both flavors worked well together. My mom loved the kaya one more because it’s really thick, creamy but not overly sweet. Goes well with any bread I reckon. But since they’re homemade, they don’t last long unlike those sold at the supermarket.

While I was chatting, I found out that Artisan Handmade Bread will be opening its own first outlet soon! It’ll be located around the area as well at Jalan Market Ipoh Old Town (not too far from Plan B). If I’m not mistaken, it’ll be in the same row as Everyday Lifeshop. I can’t wait! If you fancy delicious handmade bread, be sure to drop by when it’s opened!

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