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It’s Halloween! And you could have a spooky night of fun at The Deck Gastrobar, WEIL Hotel Ipoh! I was invited to preview their special Halloween menu and also to watch a special flashmob. But first, there are a few things I’d like to mention first.

It’s been a long time since I last posted an update! Oh my. You see, my iMac has been dead for 2 years. I’ve been dependent on my old laptop to do everything. The heavy usage has taken a toll on my old laptop that its performance had become sluggish these past few months. It’s a bitch trying to get things done. So I decided to take an unannounced hiatus since July. I finally sent my iMac to be repaired, just picked it up 2 days ago and now I could resume my blogging again!

My apologies that the blog has been neglected for a few months. I will try to catch up and post more often now. But now, who’s excited for Halloween? I am! And this weekend you could party at The Deck and stand a chance to win a ‘killer’ prize

The Halloween flashmob by the WEIL Hotel staff started at 8pm. I made it just in time before it started. They were all wearing scary masks and gathered in the lobby for a surprise dance. Guess what song they chose?

Backstreet’s back, alriiiiiight

Yep, they danced to Backstreet Boy’s song ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)‘. It’s one of my fave BSB songs that I listened and danced to every day when I was younger. Haha. Remember the music video? Their bus broke down and they got stuck in a spooky mansion where Nick is the mummy and Howie D is the sexy vampire? OH YEAH.


Here’s the video of their flashmob and Halloween party promo by them.


I was expecting MJ’s ‘Thriller‘ though because you know… MJ. ‘Nuff said.

Then the flashmobbers (is that a word? Haha) posed for pictures. They were also giving out mocktail (meaning non-alcoholic) drinks to sample called ‘The Fog‘. I just couldn’t stop drinking that because I love it. So refreshing! Then went up to The Deck for the food preview.

I was so happy to see they’ve decorated the place! With fake cobwebs, fake spiders, spooky pictures, Halloween deco, and pumpkins. Really nicely decorated and I was happy because I love Halloween and I like spooky things. Should’ve decorated my room with fake cobwebs and spiders. Maybe next year.

Now let’s talk about the food.

As you can see in the picture is the special mocktail drink ‘The Fog’. I absolutely LOVE the mocktail drink. It’s so refreshing. I forgot what is the mixture or combination, though.  Some people might find it a tad too sweet for their liking but I don’t think so. It’s just nice for me.

Now on the plate is the special Halloween menu! There’s the Almond Biscuit Witch Fingers, Spooky Meringue, Shot Glass Jello Earthworm in Dirt, Marshmallow Eye Ball, Mummified Sausages, and Nacho with Spicy Pumpkin Cheese.

A familiar menu that’s usually served during Halloween (parties) but I’ve never tasted or even bothered to make them myself.

The main highlight on that plate is the Mummified Sausages! I love them so much that I could snack on them all night long! I wasn’t the only person who enjoyed the sausages.

I love the Almond Biscuit Witch Fingers too. Crispy and buttery but I’d preferred if it’s drenched in more blooooood (as in red jelly). The Spooky Meringue is light and airy but some people might find it a tad bit too sweet for them but some might not. It depends on how much you could handle the sweetness. Personally, it’s just nice for me.

The Marshmallow Eye Balls! I was told it’s made from marshmallows but it’s not soft at all. When you bite into it, there’s like a burst of flavors that made me think they’re so familiar yet I can’t figure them out! Slightly sour-ish, slightly sweet-ish… it’s like a chewy candy. Oh! Now that I think of it, it’s kinda like chewing fruity-flavored Mentos. Yeah, that’s what it’s like – the taste and the texture. Absolutely loved it.

Nachos was slightly disappointing considering it’s one of my fave snacks. Disappointing as in not much cheese was given. Some tortilla chips did not get any sauce. I would have preferred the cheese to be served separately because I LOVE cheese. That’s not enough for me. But the chef did give an explanation so it’s all good.

Oh yeah, the ‘dirt’ is made of cookie crumbs and it’s good too!

I was too excited about the plate of food that I didn’t take any good close-up shots of the cocktail drinks. Here you can see a glass of Brain Cocktail which has a quite cool ‘brain’ effect. Behind it is the Slime Juice and there was also another one not in the picture (I think it was Blood and Sand?).

They ordered some other extra foods so the first one is the fries which is one of their best sellers. Seriously, you cannot have a drink at The Deck without ordering the fries! It’s so good!

Lamb meatballs. Tender, juicy, definitely has improved a lot and better than the ones I had back in March. I wanted more 🙁

This is the mushroom. I could eat this all day long. Yes, it is that good. Again, I wanted more 🙁

And chickens! Crispy, some with dry rub some plain, definitely good, and full of flavors. Personally, I think they have a really good small bites menu that everyone could enjoy.

I found out that the pumpkins were real! I was so excited because it was my first time seeing real carved pumpkins instead of the usual fake deco ones. It was my first time seeing that kind of pumpkins too since our local pumpkins are very different.

Also found out that the pumpkins were personally carved by the chef!

So here’s Chef Dennis with the pumpkins that he carved. Awesome carving job!

The Halloween party will be this weekend at The Deck on the 28th and 29th of October (Friday and Saturday). There’ll be a DJ to spin some tunes that you can dance to and there’s gonna be a costume contest on Saturday! Best costume will win a ‘2D/1N stay in Superior Room with Breakfast for Two (2)‘ at WEIL Hotel.

How awesome is that?



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