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Last weekend was my birthday weekend! I didn’t do anything on my birthday, unfortunately. I had the worst time too because my internet connection was down. There was some problem in my area so I was without my internet, phone line, and IPTV for 2 days!


On top of that, there was some miscommunication with my web hosting company. My account was suspended on Saturday when it shouldn’t be, so all of my domains were down. They didn’t respond to my support tickets for almost 3 days! It was until I got so pissed off that they re-enabled my account back on Monday morning. So, if you tried accessing this blog over the weekend but couldn’t, that’s why.

But glad my internet and my domains are all back and working again now.

Last Friday, I made a trip to PJ for the official grand opening of Yoogane Malaysia, a Korean restaurant located in 1 Utama Shopping Center. It’s sort of my pre-birthday getaway also. Unfortunately, I was alone because my friend wasn’t available.

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Yoogane, established in 1981, is a restaurant well received in Busan, Korea for its famed Chicken Galbi.

What is Chicken Galbi? Chicken Galbi is a tasty and spicy stir-fried dish consisting of marinated chicken, fresh assorted vegetables, and tteokbokki (Korean rice cakes). Yoogane uses only the freshest ingredients. Their signature dish is marinated using a unique blend of sauces and seasoning and cooked before the eyes of their patrons.

Yoogane has successfully launched 4 outlets in Singapore (with the 5th one currently in progress). They stepped foot into Malaysia at 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya last December 2016. Yoogane believes strongly in Great Food. Great Friends. Great Fun.

And Altitude Holdings is the company behind Yoogane Singapore and Malaysia.

Wishing Yoogane Malaysia would open an outlet in Ipoh in the future!

They will soon have a Birthday promo & Set Lunch promo to be launched in mid-March.

Do check Yoogane Malaysia’s Facebook page for updates on that: fb.com/yoogane.malaysia

I reached 1 Utama at about 11 am. I haven’t been there for quite a long time. Since my Uber dropped me off at the Old Wing entrance, I had to walk a long way to the New Wing (High Street, 2nd floor) to get to Yoogane Malaysia restaurant.

When I first entered the restaurant, the first thing I noticed was the Lego model shops (one of them being Yoogane) prominently displayed in a glass casing at the entrance. It’s so cute! Especially the tiny Lego people.

The restaurant has a nice, clean, spacious layout. The seating arrangements are neatly designed so there shouldn’t be a problem when the place is crowded. It doesn’t feel stuffy. The theme is bright and cheerful, with yellow and red being the main colors.

Just outside the entrance, I saw this! It is soooo cute! Especially those big, bulgy eyes.

Everyone received this cute little thing as a gift. I was so happy to go home with one!

And I was quite surprised when the actual mascot made an appearance shortly after.

At around 11.40 am, the ribbon-cutting ceremony started to officiate the opening of Yoogane Malaysia followed by a lion dance.

To watch the lion dance, I’ve put together a video that I’ve posted at the end of this post. You could also find it on Youtube (subscribe, please!).

Then it was time to eat!

This is what the next table ordered. I think it’s the Cheese Chicken Galbi (RM89.90)

The cheese around it looks SO GOOD. I wanted to order this one but we decided to try something else. Maybe next time when I have the chance to re-visit, I’ll definitely be ordering this one.

Dak Galbi is their main specialty and it’s the most popular and a must-try dish. You can never go wrong with those tender chicken meat marinated in Yoogane’s unique spicy sauce then dipped into the warm, creamy, melted cheese!

And you get to watch them cook for you!

At this moment, our order hasn’t arrived yet so it was fascinating to watch them cook the food at the next table. You’ll watch the cheese slowly melts and bubbles. Then you start drooling and wondering when you could get your hands on them.

Patience is a virtue, my friend.

Korean Style Seafood Pancake – RM25.90

They also ordered this pancake. I would’ve ordered this one as well if I wasn’t saving my stomach for my table’s own two big orders.

Seafood & Chicken Galbi – RM89.90 (2-3 pax), RM109.90 (3-4 pax)

Finally, our order arrived at our table. My first impression was… it looks too little to be eaten by 3 people. I thought I could eat them all myself.

Do not underestimate the dish -_- It’s actually quite filling, with all the vegetables and other seafood once it’s all mixed in and cooked together.

We really wanted the cheese but the seafood version doesn’t come with it nor could you add on (I mean the cheese ring like with the chicken galbi). But you still get the chicken galbi in this one, just without the cheese. We thought we’d get the cheese for the next one instead.

You could, of course, order any side dish to be added to your meal.

And then the cooking started. It does take quite a while. While waiting, there’s a salad bar at the side to get you started.

So, to summarize how to eat at Yoogane Malaysia

1 – Order your food (some pan-fry dishes has a minimum order of 2 same portions)
2 – Sit back and relax
3 – Watch the staff cook in front of you
4 – Enjoy your food!

Easy-peasy, right?

Chop, chop, chop.

When you’re starving, the waiting you have to do is torturous. All you could do is just sit and watch as your food cooks. It also feels like there’s a personal chef to cook for you. But trust me, it’s all worth it.

And voila! Food is done!

Oh gosh, it’s soooo good. I absolutely love the sauce they used for this one. It’s not spicy to me. Maybe just a hint. But you might find this slightly spicy or maybe more, depending on your level of tolerance for spicy things. Everything just blends in perfectly and tastes nice together.

You could definitely taste the vegetables, the chicken, and the octopus/squids in there. What I should have done was to add more Dokboki because I wanted more! Couldn’t get enough of that chewy goodness.

DemiSoda Lemon – RM6.90

I decided to order a different drink, something sweeter.

Wanted some mocktails but they weren’t serving that on that day so I decided to try a can of DemiSoda.

It’s a carbonated soda with a quite strong lemon flavor. Normal cheap lemon soda only has a hint of lemon taste. It says there’s 6% lemon juice in this can. I love it so much that I ordered another one.

Can’t read the can, though. It’s all in Korean.

Army Stew – RM89.90

The next is the Army Stew.

The name was unique and I wondered why they named it that. I thought it was just to be fancy. Turns out, there’s a reason behind that name.

The dish is called ‘Budae-jjigae‘, and it originated soon after the Korean war when food was scarce. They combined whatever leftovers they could find at the U.S Army bases (like Spam or Hot Dogs), put them in a large pot, and boil them.

The dish often incorporates modern ingredients such as instant noodles and sliced American cheese. Other ingredients may include ground beef, sliced sausages, baked beans, Minari, onions, green onions, tteok, tofu, chili peppers, macaroni, garlic, mushrooms, and other vegetables in season.

Compared to the previous dish, this one looks huge.

Then we watched the staff cook again.

Now, this is great for 3-4 pax. There are a variety of ingredients in there such as chicken luncheon meat, hot dog, baked beans, kimchi, fishcake, beancurd, and some other vegetables. Of course, they included a combination of ramyeon and glass noodles.

It’s also a soup base dish, different than the previous one.

This one also takes a while to cook.

The cheese ring around it, however, is not pure cheese. It’s mozzarella cheese and eggwash. We tried to recreate the stringy cheese pull thingy but didn’t work. That could only work with pure melted cheese. With the eggwash, it kind of tastes cheesy, custardy with a soft, smooth, creamy, ‘cheese tart‘ kind of texture. Yummy!

And after a while, it’s done! It was worth the wait. So sinfully delicious!

It’s a big dish and very filling, especially since there’s meat, soup, and noodles. This dish is heavier than the previous one. Both are highly recommended.

Overall, it was a really great experience. I wish I could sit there for hours and eat more but alas, I had other things to do and also had to go back to Ipoh on the same day. Thank you, Yoogane Malaysia, for inviting me to the grand opening. Hopefully, I will see an outlet in Ipoh soon!

And for my special readers, you can use my promo code to get up to 10% off at Yoogane Malaysia! State the promo code before paying your bill.

PROMO CODE: SDLOVESYOO (Valid from March 1st – April 30th, 2017)

And here I give you the video I put together on that day. Enjoy!

Featured Video

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UPDATE 2019: Yoogane has closed down.


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