** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on May 23rd, 2018

Bangi Golf Resort is having their buffet Ramadhan at their BGR Restaurant from 19th May – 13th June 2018.

BGR Restaurant is HALAL certified by JAKIM and is one of the very few golf resorts in Malaysia to receive this accreditation since 2009. It also has the honor of being the most Halal Compliant Restaurant in Selangor and received the coveted award from Menteri Besar of Selangor in 2017.

Fulfilling the promise of ensuring all items be promptly refilled and made available on the buffet until the last diner has eaten his / her fill while working on the concept of zero waste; BGR Restaurant will be partnering Food Aid Foundation to donate and rescue any surplus food from its Buffet Ramadhan to feed the hungry and needy.

Also, during the month of Ramadhan this year, BGR Restaurant will be contributing 1% of its Buffet Ramadhan Revenue to Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) in order to help empower the community and providing humanitarian aids to the disadvantaged.

I drove all the way from Ipoh to Bangi. From KL, it took me about an hour-ish to drive to Bangi and it wasn’t that hard to find the place with GPS navigation.

Before the buffet, the media/bloggers people had the opportunity to visit their farm. It’s a bit further up so we had to queue and wait for the vans to take us to the farm. You definitely can’t just walk there because it’s quite far.

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