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This Ramadhan, Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur is having “Selera Warisan” Ramadhan Buffet, showcasing over 150 different dishes from freshly prepared salads to kerabu, soups, hot dishes, mouth-watering desserts and a variety of thirst-quenching beverages.

Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur is strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur between bustling Bukit Bintang and Chinatown. You could take the Star LRT from KL Sentral and stop at Hang Tuah station which I did. Even though the hotel is within a walking distance, it’s a pretty tiring one because you have to cross the roads using the pedestrian bridge and also it was like walking up the hill to get to the hotel. Just thought I’d mention that if you’re planning on walking to the hotel with a bunch of bags.

The buffet Ramadhan is available at ‘Flavors‘ Restaurant for the whole month of Ramadhan located on the 1st floor.

Their Executive Chef, Chef Othman Abu Baker will prepare kampung-styled dishes with an extravaganza of flavors to suit the modern palate. Chef Othman has 30 years of experience in the culinary field with 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and specializes in rustic European and Malay-styled dishes.

Throughout the whole month of Ramadhan, diners will be entertained by the live Ghazal music performances.

The dessert and salads/kerabu section.

There weren’t that many desserts when I arrived and by the time I wanted them, some of them were already gone. 🙁

But still, they look good!

But you can expect other desserts such as “Pengat”, Assorted Jelly, “Pudding”, “Kuih-Muh Nyonya”, “Buah Kurma”, “Cendol Pulut Tapai” and other cold and warm sweet delights to satisfy your sweet cravings.

And the salads/kerabu section on the other side.

Also, not forgetting some fresh fruits.

Their traditionally infused recommended dishes are the “Rendang Tok”, “Kerabu Udang”, “Siput Sedut Tumis Berlada”, “Masak Lemak Pucuk Paku”, “Asam Laksa”, “Bubur Lambuk” and a selection of traditionally brewed soup which is on a daily rotation basis.

Rendang Tok.

Highly recommended!

Siput Sedut Tumis Berlada.

I was excited to see the ‘siput sedut’. I’ve only tried once before at some other restaurant so I decided to try it again. I’m still not used to eating siput sedut/snails but I just wanted to try again. It’s one of their signature dishes that you need to try.

The live kebab station. I love that you could put your own mayonnaise/sauce/mustard yourself.

The goreng-goreng station for deep-fried foods.

The apam balik live station.

The other section with all the ‘live’ stalls.

The fried noodle section.

Back by popular demand, the “Kambing Golek” or roasted whole lamb. The next stall also served Arabian-styled dishes with chicken, prawns, or lamb.

And of course, delicious satay!

Yummy kebabs! The only thing is I didn’t put enough mayonnaise on the meat, just a bit on the outside so mine tasted a bit dry inside. Still good nonetheless.

The rendang tok was absolutely delicious.

The siput sedut was super spicy! Imagine my surprise when I tried to suck that thing out, haha. But it’s SO tasty. If you’re a fan of snails, don’t forget to try this one.

Both are their signature dishes that you need to try and I highly recommend both.

The satay! You could never go wrong with satay. Also on the plate are some lamb.

They didn’t have a lot of desserts available and some were gone when I wanted them so these were all that I had. There’s no such thing as bad desserts. They’re always so sinfully delicious!  Especially that one in the cup – I think it’s mousse?

Ais Kacang. It wasn’t sweet and I would prefer it to be sweeter.

Before leaving, I was given a tour of the residence’s infinity pool overlooking the city. The picturesque view is AH-MAY-ZING! I’m so jealous of the people living there.

The Hotel and Residences are connected via a link bridge so guests are able to get access to the F&B outlets and other facilities on both sides.

There’s a gym and also another restaurant in the area. It’s so beautiful there. It’s such a perfect place to just chill with your friends, de-stress yourself after a long day and maybe even have a BBQ party (not sure if it’s allowed, though).

This is the time when you’d question yourself why you’re not rich and what have you done with your life. It’s depressing, really.

Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur has come up with several offers to promote to families and friends to enjoy the traditional “Selera Warisan” buffet Ramadhan event in a comfort of a 4-star deluxe class hotel at an affordable price.

The ‘Selera Warisan Ramadhan‘ is priced at RM118 per person. The hotel is also promoting a ‘Ramadhan Stay and Dine” package between RM250 nett and RM320 nett per night inclusive of accommodation with sahur and buka puasa/iftar.

Please call 03 2785 1190 or email foodandbeverage@shrkl.swissgarden.com or Whatsapp +60 13-629 7661 for enquiry or reservations.

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