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Premiera Hotel Kuala Lumpur, a subsidiary of MARA Incorporated Sdn. Bhd. (MARA Inc.), conveniently located at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman will have a Ramadhan buffet spread with over 100 choices such as the delicious “Moroccan Chicken”, roasted lamb, authentic Malay dishes, and a variety of sweet desserts including the king of fruits, durian.


Note: This month has got to be the busiest and the most challenging month ever for me. I’ve had so many things happening, going back and forth many times Ipoh-KL-Ipoh in a span of three weeks, dealing with personal issues, emergency cases, and so on. Please bear with me as I try to quickly post all reviews as soon as possible. 🙂

Premiera Hotel Kuala Lumpur is easily accessible by public transport. I took ETS from Ipoh and reached KL Sentral at 10.20 am. From there, I took the monorail and stopped at the Medan Tuanku station. The ride took about 30 minutes.

From the station, there’s a bridge that you could walk under that leads straight to Parkson Maju Junction Mall. That’s about 400m or 6 minutes walk. Then you go down the stairs, do a little bit more walking of a couple of minutes, about 100m, then you’ll reach the hotel.

Premiera Hotel Kuala Lumpur is a subsidiary of MARA Incorporated Sdn. Bhd. (MARA Inc.) which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA). The Hotel presents a modern furnishing and contemporary concept from Superior to Suite rooms and sits strategically within the Kuala Lumpur central business district (CBD).

Premiera Hotel Kuala Lumpur facilitates guests with business purposes or just simply for leisure with a number of seminar and meeting rooms to a magnificent Ballroom that can fit 1000 guests, equipped with state of an art audio system and a myriad of projector screens for 360-degree viewing.

Guests of Premiera Hotel Kuala Lumpur will enjoy the convenience of its strategic location as it is ideally in the middle of the city’s shopping street, namely the famous Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Masjid India, beside KL SOGO and a five-story retail podium annex attached to the hotel known as BUSANA@Menara MARA. There are also a variety of shops and restaurants in the surrounding area.

The buffet preview was held at The Coffee House on the 5th floor. The actual Ramadhan buffet will be held at the Grand Ballroom on the 6th floor of Premiera Hotel.

The concept is ‘bazaar’ and they will have performances to entertain diners during the Ramadhan buffet.

As soon as I entered the place, a row of scrumptious and sinfully sweet-looking desserts greeted me, beckoning me to devour them.

The place wasn’t that big. When I arrived, the Coffee House was still empty but people started arriving shortly. The place became packed with people in no time.

I saw a variety of sushi! If there’s sushi, I’m happy.

Some cold cuts and salads were available as appetizers.

The main items section. There were a variety of dishes to choose from to be eaten with four different types of rice available – normal White rice, Biryani rice, Lamb Mandy rice, and Paella rice. 

Siput Sedut Lemak Cili Api

I have never eaten siput sedut before. When I saw this dish I thought, hey, why not take this opportunity to try it, right? It was actually good, but I only tried one. Still not used to the idea of eating snails.

Local salads or a variety of kerabu were available.

There were live stations there as well. This one will cook a hot pasta dish right in front of you. You can choose from the creamy or carbonara sauce or bolognese or tomato sauce. I really wanted to try this after watching how the chef cooks for the guests but I wanted to try others first and end up very full.

The pasta’s portion is quite big and it looks darn good too. I’ve captured it in the video below.

There was no chef here but there were mixed vegetables on the hot plates. I think it’s more like teppanyaki style. I haven’t had teppanyaki for a long time so tasting this made me miss Teppanyaki a lot.

A beautiful display of fruits! Oh yes, one of the main highlights during the actual Ramadhan buffet would be DURIAN! Unfortunately, there wasn’t any at the preview except for the serawa durian, which I didn’t get to taste either.

And another live station would be the roasted lamb carving station.

The cakes were so good.

And I love how pretty the plating was and the use of colors to entice your appetite.

A variety of traditional Malay kuih. I was happy to see kuih keria/kuih gelang, my favorite! And also kuih bakar kemboja.

I was quite surprised to see wajik. I thought it was chocolate cake coated in chocolate rice at first glance. This wajik was so good and sweet. It’s been a while since I had wajik.

Omm Ali.

It was my first time hearing the name or seeing ‘Omm Ali‘. It was next to bread pudding. After some googling, I found out that Omm Ali is an Arabian sweet bread pudding dessert similar to the American bread pudding. There’s a story behind it too but you can google to read it yourself.

The warmth, the sweetness and the thick creaminess of it made me instantly fall in love with this dessert. I’m not a huge fan of the American bread pudding but this is different. It was SO FRICKEN GOOD.

Serawa Durian with Pulut & Bubur Kacang Hijau.

I really wanted to try the serawa durian. Unfortunately, I waited too long. By the time I wanted it, it was all gone. So sad.

Pure joy on a plate. I really love that there were 3 different types of rice available. I also had some cold cuts meat salad and of course, sushi. And also, my first experience of eating ‘Siput Sedut’.

Of course, as usual, when I attend buffets I will not pass up the chance to taste the satay. I also had another batch of sushi and some roasted lamb with mushroom gravy.

This is when I absolutely fell in love with ‘Om Ali’, the Egyptian bread pudding dessert. It was love at first taste.

And my plate of desserts. Just by looking at this is making me drool.


RM88nett for adults and RM40 nett for children.

The Ramadhan buffet will start from May 29th until June 23rd, 2017 from 6.30 pm – 10 pm. There’s also room package for Ramadhan priced at RM360 nett for one night inclusive of sahur and iftar for 2 people.

For reservations and enquiries, call +603 2615 1016

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