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Back in February, I had a solo birthday trip to KL to see my friend. It was just a day trip and my return train was at about 6.30 pm. After half a day of karaoke-ing at Red Box, I still had about 2 hours to kill. Before I head back to KL Sentral, my friend and I decided we’d chill for a bit and grab something to eat. We had difficulties choosing because we had heavy lunch at Red Box. And then finally we agreed on Popeyes.

Popeyes Midvalley Kuala Lumpur

I’ve heard of Popeyes for a very looooong time and have always wanted to try it every time I walk past the restaurant. I never had the chance to do that before. I’ve heard how the chickens are better than KFC. So of course, we decided on the chicken set. There weren’t that many people at that time.

Like I’ve mentioned before since we were both quite full, we decided to share the meal. I think the combo set was about RM11 or so, I can’t remember exactly. It comes with 2 pieces of chicken, a biscuit, coleslaw, and a drink. Now, with KFC, I would always order 2 pieces of chicken breast or at least thigh. I would never order wings or drumsticks. However, when we asked for 2 pieces of breasts or thighs, the staff said no. The meal is fixed with 1 piece of the thigh and 1 piece of the drumstick. Really? Seriously?

My friend took the drumstick and I took the other piece.. it was SO SMALL. Like TINY. You could see in the picture above how small it was compared to the drumstick. Heck, it was almost the same size as the biscuit. I was so surprised at the super small portion. It was like a kids’ portion. I guess I’m used to KFC’s huge chicken pieces so I had high expectations. I was already disappointed that I couldn’t request 2 pieces of chicken breast or thigh.

The taste? Eh. I’ve had better – meaning KFC. It wasn’t crispy at all to me, or maybe I didn’t have a good batch. Maybe I had the old, stale pieces. However, what I really love about it is the JAM! You can get mixed (fruity) jam which I assume to be spread and eaten with the biscuit but it tasted so good, we dipped the chicken in it too. It made the chicken so much better. I’d go back just for the mixed fruit jam.

The biscuit was nice! It reminds me of a scone. It’s a lot better than the normal bun from KFC.

Popeyes Midvalley Kuala Lumpur

I loved the coleslaw. Some might not like it due to it being a bit too watery, almost can be considered as cabbage soup but I liked it anyway. The portion is quite huge as well. But still, even though I liked it, I can’t stop comparing it to KFC and I like KFC version more. But it wasn’t as disappointing as the chickens.

Popeyes Midvalley Kuala Lumpur

Overall, it wasn’t as I had imagined it would be. I’ve read some reviews saying how much better it is than KFC but the chicken pieces were WAY too small to me. However, I don’t think I’m being fair since I only tasted a piece of chicken and coleslaw. I will give it another chance and try other stuff from the menu once I am given the chance. I heard the mashed potato is good. But for the meal that I had previously, I’ll say I’m sticking with KFC.

Oh yeah, by the way, what’s up with them not updating their Facebook and Twitter since 2011? I heard some of their outlets have closed as well. And the environment at the outlet above was a bit sad… like it’s neglected. They need better management if they want to survive. Plus quality control. New marketing techniques. Seriously…

UPDATE March 2015: Looks like this outlet in Midvalley is gone. From all the comments on their Facebook, plus their website is no longer working, and their outlets disappearing, I’m assuming Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Malaysia is either rebranding or out of business.

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