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It’s hard to get a good ‘char kway teow’ here in Ipoh. Or maybe I haven’t found the one that I like yet. I like them to be slightly soupy, with a strong taste of the ‘burn’ or ‘char’. Without the taste of the ‘burn’, it’ll be just another fried kway teow, wouldn’t it?

The most popular places for ‘warung’ style food with almost every ‘warung’ selling char kway teow would be Dataran MBI.. also known as MBI Terrace located in Greentown business center.  I was confused with which stall we want to choose because, to be honest, I’ve tried a couple before and none of the char kway teow were good and not worth the amount they were charging us. They were very soupy, with barely any ingredients. The taste wasn’t good either.

As I was walking, trying to figure out where and what to eat, some guys from stall No 15 kept inviting me to try their char kway teow. They were boasting how good their char kway teow is. After a short while of persuasion, I gave in and decided to try. I told them if the food is not good, I’m not paying for it haha. But they guaranteed it would be.

A plate of normal Char Kway Teow is RM4. If you want special, you add RM0.50 and I think they said they add a bit more ingredients. You want more prawns, it cost RM5.00. You want double, it’ll cost double. If you’re a big eater and have a big appetite, you probably need double since the normal portion is a bit small for me. You can also order some other fried food, and next to it you can buy Yong Tau Foo.. a bit expensive to me though.

The guys from the stall were very friendly. They were very shy at first when I took a picture of them but apparently they posed for it for the second picture, haha. This is actually a nice candid-like picture of them cooking the food.

The environment is great and nice. It’s next to the MBI field. It’ll be a really nice view if they have any event at the field. Plus, compared to last time, they’ve renovated the area and made the special eating area with nice floors and all, and good water supply for them to wash plates and cups and everything. Plus it’s awesome to eat in the cool breeze of the night air.

Since I wasn’t sure if it was good or not, I went for the normal plate. It is still the Malay style of char kway teow – a bit soupy instead of the dry, Chinese style. But I ended up liking it. This is actually the first time I liked char kway teow! My only problem is that the ingredients were too little – just a tiny bit of prawn and cockles.  But you could taste the ‘char’ or the ‘burn’ that’s not too overwhelming so that’s good! I would come back again soon, and the staff was happy that I enjoyed my food. I had my own drink, so I didn’t order any.

Normal Char Koay Teow – RM4.00

I wish the kway teow were a little bit more than what was given, but they told me the amount is fixed. So if you’re in that area looking for char kway teow, this stall does not disappoint. I hope they’re consistent. Normally my first visit would be good, then the next one would be shit so I hope that won’t be the case the next time I go there. The stalls there open from 7 pm onwards until about 12 am to 2 am.

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