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#NUNomNomNom is an event at NU Sentral held on April 15th, 2017 in conjunction with the anniversary of their 3rd year operating as the first transumer (transit consumer) lifestyle mall in Malaysia. NU Sentral celebrated their 3rd Year Anniversary by inviting the media and bloggers and treating us to a whole day of food-filled fun. The invited media and bloggers explored the 8-level shopping center while at the same time enjoying delicious food and drinks at participating F&B outlets located in NU Sentral.

For #NUNomNomNom, we were given a ‘passport’ to collect stamps after we dined in at the participating outlets. We were required to post pictures of the food we had on social media. If you want to see what everyone ate on that day, head on over to Instagram and check out the hashtags – #NUNomNomNom, #NUSentral, and #NUTurns3.

This blog post will summarize the F&B outlets I went to and the food I had on that day. If you’d like to read the summary of my whole trip/experience on that day, check out my other post.

You could also check out my Instagram @SinfullyDeliciousMalaysia for pictures of all the sinfully delicious food I posted on that day.

The registration started at 11.30 am and the event ended at 9.30 PM.

Earlier that week, I was terribly sick, in so much pain, and barely ate anything for days. In fact, I didn’t even eat or drink anything for 1 1/2 days! I was worried I would be too weak to go to #NUNomNomNom. So glad the medicines I got at the pharmacy worked wonders. Didn’t feel any pain whatsoever on the event day. Phew.

Unfortunately, I had to surrender shortly before 7 PM when my friend had to leave. Couldn’t continue until 9.30 PM as I had planned.

I couldn’t eat much on that day. The sudden and continuous consumption of too much food in a short amount of time after being sick for a week had put my stomach into a state of shock after days of being in pain and empty. Also, my friend had limited time so we had to rush. Luckily, for some outlets, they allowed us to ‘tapau‘ (pack) the food home so none of the food got wasted (except Franco).

There were 20 participating outlets (later minus 1).

The Participating Restaurants & Cafes:

  • Aroma Village (L5.12)
  • B.Bap Korean Food (GF.08)
  • BUILT Custom Burgers (L4.10)
  • Café Coffee Day (pulled out shortly after) (GF.39)
  • The Chicken Rice Shop (L4.16-17)
  • DubuYo (L4.04)
  • Dolly Dim Sum (LG.43)
  • Franco (L3.06-07)
  • Hoagies Hauz (L5.11)
  • Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (L4.20-21)
  • La Cucur (LG.38)
  • La Juiceria (Lg.44)
  • The Manhattan FISH MARKET (L4.06)
  • Milkshake Factory (L5.13)
  • Paddington House of Pancakes (L4.11)
  • PappaRich (GF.37)
  • Secret Recipe (CC.05)
  • Sushi Tei (CC.06)
  • Teh Tarik Place (LG.32)
  • The Gravy Factory (L5.05)

Since I currently reside in Ipoh, I decided to go to places not available in Ipoh because I wanted to experience new places, new food. We were allowed to go to a maximum of 12 outlets (12 stamps).

We took the time to plan our stops while waiting for our food at Sushi Tei, our first stop.

Thank you for the pen, Uber, and for all the goodies in the bags. And NU Sentral as well.




Both of us are huge Japanese food lovers. When I saw Sushi Tei on the list of participating restaurants, I knew it’d be the first stop.

The staff told us we could only choose one item from a small selection available for #NUNomNomNom. This is because only my name was on the list and my friend was my plus one so she didn’t get to choose.

We decided to order Kirishima (RM33.80), a plate with 18 pieces of sushi. Enough for the two of us to share! I absolutely LOVED the crab meat & mayonnaise with flying fish roe. I could eat so much of that.

The sushi was so good and the place was nicely decorated. Very cozy. I was so happy to get a taste of sushi on that day.

Drinks weren’t included so we didn’t order any.



Ever since I tasted Korean food for the first time at Yoogane, I’ve been craving for more, especially Tteok-bokki (stir-fried rice cakes).

After Sushi Tei, I thought B.Bap would only allow us to choose only one type of food to share. Nope. We actually could choose more than 1 from the list they gave us. So we chose:

  • Kimchi Jjigae Beef
  • Tteok-bokki
  • Yangnyeom-tongdak (Chicken)
  • Haemul Pajeon (Seafood Pancake)

Drinks weren’t included so we ordered plain iced water separately.

I was so happy to eat Tteok-bokki! Everything was so delicious. The pancake was surprisingly good! And the chicken… oh gosh, the sweet fried chicken.

The only thing lacking was the heat. I love super spicy food and none of the food had any heat, at least not to my level of what I consider spicy. But they were still good! Just would’ve loved it even more if they were spicier.

The staff was quite funny, the way he responded to our questions. Friendly staff makes a happy customer. They also happily packed our unfinished food so nothing was wasted 🙂



Café Coffee Day was meant to be our 3rd stop. We wanted to just relax for a bit and have a cup of joe after a heavy meal at B.Bap.

When we went in, the staff had no idea what we were talking about. They didn’t even understand us. Then one of them said the table was used up by our group earlier so it’s ‘redeemed’ already so it was no longer available. I got even more confused. I tried to explain that we are a different #NUNomNomNom group.

Not only they barely understood us, but they were quite rude about it. Such unfriendly staff. This is one thing I totally don’t get. Why in the world would you hire staffs that can’t even speak or understand English? I’m aware this is an Indian café chain from India, but we are not in India now, are we? At least hire one person that’s fluent in English and not someone who only could understand the menu. Unless your target customers are only Indians, then I have no comment.

Because of the slightly rude, unfriendly staff at this café, I won’t be going back there again.

We went back to our meeting point to ask about this café. While they were trying to clarify the issue, we continued to our next stop.

Shortly after, we received a message saying there’s been a misunderstanding and Café Coffee Day was no longer participating. Hmm. No further comment.



Since we couldn’t relax at Café Coffee Day, we decided to go to Dolly Dim Sum instead because it was just the opposite of our meeting point. We were allowed to choose a set each out of 3 sets available.

We chose:

Set B“Siew Mai” Dumpling & Dolly Mozza Roll
Set CEgg Custard Bun & Salad Prawn Dumpling

Drinks weren’t included so we just ordered plain iced water separately.

It was my first time eating anything with salted egg yolk caramel and oh my gosh… when you bite into the bun and the sweet, warm filling oozes out… indescribable happiness & pleasure, I tell you.

The other 3 contain sweet prawns in them and they were so damn good! It makes me want to go back and eat more, plus to try out their other menu. Hopefully, I’d get a chance the next time I go back to KL.



I think we were given the ‘happy’ size which cost RM11.50.

I got the Banana Nutt (Banana & Nutella) from the Specialty Series and my friend got the Ferrero Rocher from the Premium Series. She wanted the Kinder Bueno at first, but it wasn’t available.

Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOOOOOVE my Banana Nutt drink! It’s sweet, thick, creamy, and I could taste the banana. I am definitely going back there again! I’m crazy about this drink.

The guy who took our order was very friendly too and friendly staff makes a happy customer.



My friend was excited about Hoagies Hauz. Now I understand why.

I chose The Signature Hoagies (RM12.50)marinated chicken thigh, cheddar cheese, lots of green with their classic homemade buttermilk sauce. Oh, it was so damn good and the chicken thigh was succulent.

My friend chose the Cheezy Melt Steak (I think RM13.80?)stewed beef with melted cheese, caramelized onions, capsicum, tomato, some greens, and a runny egg.

No drinks were given so we didn’t have any.

The staff was very nice and let us choose anything from the menu in exchange for an Instagram post and a tag. After we took photos, we asked her to pack the sandwiches. Not sure what happened to the potato chips because I didn’t have it after she packed it. Hmm.

They do have a tantalizing menu that I want to try in the future. I’ll be back.



I’ve always wanted to try Paddington House of Pancakes since years ago when I was living in PJ but never had the chance. So glad I finally had the chance to taste it that day. The staff that attended to us was very friendly too so that made me happy!

It was so hard to make a decision. Everything on the menu looks and sounds so damn good. But since we just had something savory, we wanted something sweet.

We decided to choose from the Dollar Pancakes section.

I chose the Big Treasure Box (RM18) which is dollar pancakes with strawberries, lychees, banana, nuts, raisins, peaches, plum (if in season) Hawaiian coconut, cinnamon sugar & ice cream.

Oh my gosh, it’s so fulfilling and refreshing with all the fresh fruits and nuts, plus the ice cream, drizzled with the sweet syrup. You could never go wrong with this one. I am so going back to eat this one again!

My friend chose the Pot of Gold (RM14) which is dollar pancakes with marshmallows, nuts, ice cream & chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce is to die for! It’s so good! My friend finished her bowl so fast.

Drinks were included this time. I wanted something refreshing. I chose one of their power juices called Sunburst (RM12.50) consisting of strawberry, mango, pineapple, orange & apple. It’s not that sweet, more sour-ish, and thirst-quenching.

My friend chose the Ice-cubed latte (RM13).



BUILT Custom Burgers is a place where you get to build your own custom burgers. You get to choose your own meat and how it’s done, whether you want your burger with buns or in a bowl, your type of cheese, sides, toppings, and sauce.

I chose beef patty (medium done) with mozzarella in a bowl instead, with organic greens. Topped with lettuce, onions,  a hard-boiled egg, carrots and cucumbers, and some other greens.

For the sauce, I chose BBQ, Honey Dijon, and Ranch.

For sides, I chose Tater Tots instead of normal shoestring fries. The taste reminds me of hash browns. Super yummy.

And a drink. I chose coke zero I think or was it diet coke?

A combo costs RM25 where you get a burger or bowl + shoestring fries + drink.



At Franco, we ordered one main dish, one dessert, and one drink each from the list they gave us.

My friend chose Squid Ink Pasta, Souffle Cheese, & Ice Tea with Softee.

I chose Mac & Cheese, Berries Cheesecake, & Cafe Latte.

They told us we couldn’t pack the food home if we couldn’t finish them. That highly disappointed me because I hate wasting food. We kind of regretted not choosing Franco first.

The desserts were so sinfully delicious! The Souffle Cheese had a soft, spongy, light, airy, slightly creamy texture, and full of cheesy goodness. My Berries cheesecake surprised me. It wasn’t a slice of cake but came in a glass with softee/ice cream, fresh berries, and cheesecake crust at the bottom. It was SO GOOD. I was so upset I couldn’t finish it because my stomach couldn’t handle food anymore. Couldn’t take it home either.

One of the staff didn’t know we couldn’t pack the food so she packed my Mac & Cheese anyway and I was happy at least that wasn’t wasted. It tasted great even 2 days after with an empty stomach!

I’d go back there just for the desserts alone. With an empty stomach, of course.



They gave us Chlorophyll Alkaline Water. I was hoping to get a taste of one of their juices like some others did so I could review it on my blog because there’s nothing to talk about in terms of flavor with alkaline water. With all the heavy food I ate, I wanted something fresh, sweet, or sour. There’s no mixture of vegetables or fruits in this drink. Just plain, tasteless, flavorless water.

It is still good for your body, though.

This water can help you stay hydrated and aids in detoxification. Chlorophyll can help to increase the quality and quantity of your red blood cells, improving the efficiency of oxygen transport and, as a result, giving you more energy and improving your well-being. Diets high in unhealthy food change the body’s pH balance, making it more acidic, which can lead to insomnia and weight gain. Alkaline substances are essential to re-balance.

Then I went back to our meeting point to claim my vouchers. One RM30 voucher for every 3 stamps. Since we managed to get 9 stamps, I got 3 vouchers worth RM90! Yay. I think I’ll spend it at more restaurants soon 😀

Overall, it was an exciting day and a much-needed break for me. The only thing I’m disappointed in is that I failed to collect the final 3 stamps and complete my passport. I planned to go to The Manhattan Fish Market, The Gravy Factory, and DubuYo. I had 3 hours to kill before my train left but I was feeling dead already. Oh well.

And last but not least, Happy 3rd Year Anniversary, NU Sentral!

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