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Last Sunday on April 12th, for the first time in Ipoh, Malaysia Breakfast Day 2015 was held at Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreational Park or commonly known as ‘Padang Polo/Polo Ground‘.

I actually just found out about the run last Friday when somebody posted an image about it on Instagram. I didn’t know there’d be other activities as well until later that day I received an invitation via email. After knowing there are other activities, as well as FREE breakfast for everyone, I decided what the heck. Why would anyone pass up free MILO and breakfast? 😀

Even if it means waking up way early in the morning.

I reached the park shortly before 7.30 am. Surprisingly I managed to wake up early for this event. I’m impressed by my own determination at getting free MILO (and also to cover the event of course).

According to their program, the run will start at 7.30 am. I had a hard time finding spots to park my car since the main roads were blocked. Asking some of the crews was useless. They just answered with ‘I don’t know‘. So I just simply parked anywhere so I don’t miss the flag-off moment for the 7km and 3km run.

After that, it’s time to get some free MILO. It’s the return of the MILO van! I haven’t seen that since elementary school. While the runners were running, I took that time to explore, take pictures, register myself to get the goodie bag and hunt for free breakfast.

There was no queue so getting my free cup of MILO was easy and hassle-free. You just go in and grab a cup. There were a few booths set up at different parts of the park so you don’t have to walk far or queue up long to get another cup.

I also found out they were giving out free breakfast cereal as well in those cute bowls. I have to say I’m very impressed with MILO’s effort in promoting healthy breakfast to everyone. I’m not a morning person so I almost always skip breakfast when it’s supposed to be the most important meal of the day.

There was even a booth where you can talk to a nutritionist about nutrition.

A nice bowl of Nestle breakfast cereals with milk! With a cup of MILO and some cereals, I suddenly felt energized. Unfortunately, since I rarely have breakfast at home, this small meal almost made me full already and I haven’t even checked out their ‘main’ breakfast yet.

I used to buy breakfast cereals years ago when everything was moderately priced. Now, especially with the implementation of GST, everything is so expensive. I stopped buying them. Not a good thing. I had forgotten how much better you’d feel after having a healthy breakfast. You’d get that instant rush of energy to start the day. It’s especially important for kids since they need to have an active day.

So if you have kids, healthy breakfast is important for them to grow and get that energy to stay focused and alert at school and throughout the day.

For the participating runners, after they’ve completed their run, they get a banana and mineral water at this booth.

Then it was time to claim the RM3 food voucher that was given in every goodie bags.

It’s a good thing they used food voucher so greedy people like me don’t grab 10 boxes for themselves to bring back home. So I walked around to see what kind of breakfast available. There were several booths with different types of food available that you can claim with your voucher.

Each booth will have this little card that states the nutritional values of the breakfast you can claim. If you’re watching your weight, it’s important to know how many calories you’re consuming and its percentage based on recommended average of 2000 kcal per person per day. So, you could get:

  • Tuna Sandwich
  • Chapati
  • Bee Hoon Goreng
  • Dim Sum
  • Steamed Pau
  • Chicken Salad

I had a hard time choosing because 1) they all looked delicious and 2) the portion seemed small for me yet they have many calories. That’s why looks can be deceiving. Even if you think you’re eating a very small portion, the calorie count may not be that ‘small’.

I guess these can be called ‘light & easy breakfast‘, certainly a bit too light for some of us who normally have heavy and unhealthy serving of breakfast like nasi lemak for example.

The Tuna Sandwich comes with a banana, 2 slices of toasted wholemeal bread, tuna and fresh veggies. In some boxes, you get an orange instead. With a cup of MILO, this contains 392 kcal.

The Chapati box contains a 1 piece of chapati with dhal gravy, 1 banana or orange (I guess they ran out of banana?) and with a cup of MILO, the meal has 427 kcal.

Then the Bee Hoon Goreng with Black Pepper (fried rice vermicelli) box contains only that, and with a cup of MILO provides the highest calorie count of 515 kcal per serving.

The Dim Sum set, which comes with assorted dim sum and banana seemed nice, but the dim sum were so small, I would never get full from it. But if coupled with a cup of MILO, it has 391 kcal. Whoa.

There’s also the Steamed Pau which comes with assorted pau and a banana and with a cup of MILO, the serving has 461 kcal.

I couldn’t find Chicken Salad, and I thought the sandwich had chicken (as I was told) but it ended up being tuna.

Here’s where the disappointment lies within that particular box of tuna sandwich that I grabbed. For 8the RM3 value voucher needed to claim the breakfast set, the food itself did not at all feel it had RM3 value. I’m aware that the portion might be according to the nutritional value provided, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with my box of sandwich.

First of all, it’s only half of a sandwich, so technically it’s only one piece of bread, sliced in half, sandwiched together. Usually at the store you can get 2 pieces of bread with egg or tuna spread cut in half for the same or lesser price, which would be more filling and satisfying. The tuna spread was concentrated right in the middle. Like a small dollop of tuna spread, not even spread evenly on the bread. For the corners, they turned out dry with no fillings.

The veggies were in small amount, certainly less than the ones at a different booth. AND, I had half a slice of wholemeal bread and half a slice of white bread. Weren’t even toasted as written on the card. Kind of felt cheated for the RM3 value 🙁 The only good thing in my box was the humongous banana.

Should have gone to a different booth or picked Bee Hoon Goreng instead.

But a cup of cold MILO made everything better. So refreshing.

I miss the good old elementary school days when as a kid, you’d queue up with your classmates to get a free cup of cold MILO. I can even remember the excitement when you see the MILO truck pull up and waiting. When you go back to class, you keep waiting and waiting in anticipation, not able to concentrate on the teacher while your eyes keep staring at the door, wishing every minute for someone to appear and knock, announcing that it’s your class’ turn to go down to get MILO… ah, the joy.

You don’t get them as good as it used to be nowadays. So, to get a taste of that drink just as good as how you remembered it as a kid decades ago brought back so much joy and satisfaction. It’s not the same making it yourself. Of course, you can just buy the ready-made drink which taste similar but slightly different than freshly made ones.

Almost at the end of the event, I went back for more drinks and since my breakfast box wasn’t satisfactory (personally), I thought I’d have another small bowl of cereal. They instead gave two away to everyone.

I must have had like 6-8 cups of MILO and 3 small bowls of Nestle breakfast cereals. My stomach felt bloated and sick yet happy and satisfied at the same time.

Here’s another unfortunate thing – the night before, it was raining heavily so that morning the ground was wet and very muddy with dirty puddles everywhere. Every step felt like stepping into the sinking sand. My poor new (and ruined) slippers. If it wasn’t for that, I would’ve gone for more cups of MILO.

Another exciting thing is the goodie bag! A bag full of Nestle goodies for everyone. I really wasn’t expecting to receive so many stuffs in the bag. Had I known, I would’ve forced my mom and my uncle to go so I could get more 😀

In the bag I received:

  • 1 packet of MILO Nugget
  • 2 sachets of MILO 3-in-1
  • 1 can of original MILO
  • 1 Maggi Hot Cup Curry Flavor
  • 3 sachets of Nescafe Blend & Brew (Original, Mild & Rich)
  • 1 Hand Fan (I think)

Awesome goodies!

Overall, Malaysia Breakfast Day 2015 Ipoh was an awesome event, with great performances especially the stomp performance, great energy from Ipoh residents especially during Zumba and delicious healthy breakfast. I hope they’ll come again!

They’re heading to Kuching after this then to Putrajaya. I could make a trip to the Putrajaya one, but I don’t like the massive crowd (like 20k-30k of them or more). I prefer my own hometown because it’s not way too crowded, the parking wasn’t a nightmare and I didn’t have to queue to get drinks. Well, at the end of the event one MILO booth did have a couple of long queues. I guess they didn’t want step into the ‘sinking mud‘ at the other booths. It took me ages to scrub the grimes off my feet and toenails.

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