It’s 2023 and I am back!

I'm Back

Okay, so I’ve been gone for a long time… again.

A lot has happened in a year. Some good, some bad, some were so shitty that I can’t even find a word to describe them.

Don’t even get me started when the pandemic started. 3 years of living in pure hell. The virus scare, the nonstop lockdowns, deaths, vaccinations, sickness… my God. And all this happened when my mom got critically sick multiple times in 2020, in and out of the hospital and emergency rooms, and with me living without electricity for 10 months, living in my car alone during the lockdown with no money, no job, no life, no communications, and not a single thing to do. It was extremely tough… but I survived it.

I’ve moved to a new house for the time being since the beginning of the year. I had a lot of problems in my old house I feel I need to get away for a while, clear my head, and deal with my depression and problems before I deal with my old house and move back in. I have renewed motivation to fix my life and get back to what I’m passionate to do – blogging!

Every time I remember that all my old blogs were deleted during the pandemic by my web host, I get depressed. I’m starting from scratch now. It’s gonna be a lot of hard work but I’m confident I can do it. Rebuild my career and life. This new blog is gonna be my new home for everything I wanna post when I used to have different domains for different niches. I’ve managed to salvage some of my food review posts from my old blog Sinfully Delicious Malaysia from Internet Archive. Couldn’t recover a lot of posts from other websites. 2 years of posts also gone. Caput. Sigh.

In my old house, I couldn’t even use my computer due to the house’s condition. I decided to bring over the computer that my friend bought for me in late 2020 and I’m surprised everything is still working fine even after a year of being in ‘slumber’. That’s why I’m able to start focusing on blogging again and my social media work.

My mom was in the nursing home for like 3 years and now she’s back home so my life and priorities have instantly changed. I no longer live alone and I have to take care of her. I lost my sweetheart cat BamBam in August last year and I’m still depressed and heartbroken about it but I know he wouldn’t want to see me being a non-functional depressed human being. He would want me to be happy. I have 10 cats now and 1 new kitten.

Life so far has been okay compared to the previous 3 years, especially during when the pandemic started. I’ve lost myself and a lot of friends since then but I’m more peaceful now. My mental health has been better since I moved and now that I’m able to blog again, I wanna use my blog as a medium for me to write my thoughts, something I’ve stopped doing for years and it’s been detrimental to my mental health. I’m nowhere near done with this blog, though. There are a lot of things I still need to do but I’ll work on it. I still haven’t even finished moving house completely either and it’s been almost 3 months now.

Man, how quickly time flies. It’s March already?

Ramadhan will start on March 23rd. Gosh!

Anyways, I’ll end this introductory post. This post should have been written after I finished re-posting all the recovered posts over a year ago but I never got around to it. The pandemic really messed up my mind and life.


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