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Previously, I reviewed High 5 Pocket Sandwich – Chicken Floss Seaweed that I absolutely LOVE. This time, the peeps from High 5 were kind enough to send me some samples to review – High 5 Sliced Cakes, in pocket size!

I don’t have much information on these High 5 Sliced Cakes, though. I haven’t seen this sold anywhere in the supermarket so I’m assuming they’re only sold in 7-11? Maybe just like the High 5 pocket sandwich? That’s disappointing because just like their pocket sandwich, I absolutely LOVE their cakes as well.

The High 5 sliced cakes come in 3 different flavors – Butter, Chocolate & Marble.

I received this quite a while back but I was suddenly overwhelmed with other activities that all my posts are delayed.

I received their chocolate cake and marble cake first. My first impression is how cute the size is! The High 5 sliced cakes are small enough to fit in your pocket so you can take them anywhere for a quick snack, but they’re thick enough to make you feel satisfied. Definitely not stingy with the portion. Awesome, plus point for that.

It kind of looks like a miniature bread for this because it has that bread shape.

As you can see here, I was surprised by the thickness of the High 5 sliced cakes. It’s not that fulfilling for the stomach if you’re a big eater, but at least you’re gonna feel satisfied with the portion per packet. Chocolate cake is moist, just like a fresh cake out from the oven. The chocolate is rich, not dry, and doesn’t crumble easily.

Unfortunately, something happened to my marble cake a couple of days later after receiving it. This is not the fault of High 5 but I thought I’d mention this here for extra information.

I noticed there were molds forming on my marble cake when the expiry date was not until a few days later. Turns out, the packaging was somehow punctured, maybe during shipping or something. That lets the air in and created moisture inside the packet which then helps the mold grow.

So if you’re buying this or any other bread, make sure there’s no moisture inside or you’re gonna see mold growing even before the expiry date!

But they were kind enough to send me a replacement and this time it was perfectly packed, no holes, no moisture so no mold.

I love marble cake because they have those lovely swirly patterns on it when you bake it. So for the High 5 Marble Cake, they have unique ‘design’ on it compared to the plain chocolate and butter.

I love this so much because it’s a like the best of both worlds – butter and a bit of chocolate. Again, the portion is satisfying enough and it’s not dry, slightly moist so it’s soft and fluffy. It has just the right level of sweetness so it’s not too overly sweet and definitely not bland.

The butter cake is the same like the others except it’s butter, haha.

When you open the packet, the sweet aroma of butter cake would instantly make your mouth waters. You’d just want to chomp on the cake. High 5 cakes smell like they’re just fresh out of the oven, seriously. I don’t have a microwave but if you do, maybe you could heat it up for a few seconds? I like slightly warm cakes so maybe it’ll taste even better.

Out of all, I have no idea which I like the most because I like all of the High 5 sliced cakes. It’s hard to choose when they all taste absolutely delicious. Maybe I like the marble one slightly more than the others because you get two different flavors. But seriously, I love them all a lot. They’re not disappointing. I could eat them all day! Perfect when you’re outside or when having a picnic.

I’m not sure of the price because I haven’t seen them at the store yet. I haven’t been to 7-11 for quite a while (if they’re sold there) but now I’m craving for them. It’s good for those who crave these cakes to snack on but are too lazy to make it yourself. They do taste as if they’re homemade, not mass-produced as the factory so I’m impressed.

Thank you to High 5 for sending me the High 5 sliced cakes 😀

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