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Last month I stopped at 7-Eleven and was browsing the bread shelf and found High 5 Pocket Sandwich Bread! I’m assuming this is quite a new product as I’ve never seen it before. Unfortunately, I’ve only found out a couple of days ago that this pocket sandwich is currently exclusive to 7-Eleven only. No wonder I couldn’t find it anywhere else!

That’s highly disappointing. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why.

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If you’re familiar with the Japanese food style, they usually do this kind of thing – make a pocket sandwich themselves by using a bread cutter when you can take two pieces of bread, put whatever ingredients you want and the cutter will squish and cut it into shape, while at the same ‘binding’ the edges so your ingredients won’t fall out.

Also, the pocket sandwich is not a new thing in the Japanese market but their sandwich bread is big, not tiny.

That’s why I’m quite surprised though to find a similar kind of pocket sandwich by High 5, and naturally, I was ecstatic. Without thinking, I grabbed one just to try.

It comes in 4 different flavors – Chocolate Almond, Vanilla Oreo, Strawberry Vanilla, and Chicken Floss Seaweed.

I wasn’t in the mood for a sweet kind of bread, so I grabbed Chicken Floss Seaweed because I’m a fan of Chicken Floss AND seaweed, so they’re a perfect combination. It’s also a new kind of flavor as I’m quite bored already with other available flavors for other brands as well.

A packet cost RM2.90, which is on the slightly expensive side for me, considering my favorite ikan bilis bread cost only RM0.90 (or RM1 now).

The bread isn’t that big. I think it was about the size of your palm but so kawaii! (cute). It’s in square shape obviously and the edges are kind of ‘glued’ so your ingredients won’t fall out when you eat them.

I was so surprised when I took the first bite.

The chicken floss is a bit spicy, and seaweed adds a unique taste and they’re both bound together with sweet mayonnaise (I think). The full combination is HEAVENLY! It was, by far, the BEST bread snack I’ve tasted.

I’m not sure about the other flavors but I’m not fond of sweet flavors, but I can say I’m addicted to this pocket sandwich bread. When I went to KL last month, I bought two packets to eat on the ETS train. Unfortunately, the disappointment I mentioned above is due to the fact that it’s so damn good yet only available at 7-Eleven. There have been a couple of occasions when I went there but the bread wasn’t available/sold out.

I wish they would expand the market soon and sell it at the supermarket and normal shops because seriously, even as I’m typing this, I’m almost drooling. Did I stress enough how GOOD it tastes?


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