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FM Tomyam House @ Medan Selera Pokok Cherry Silibin, Ipoh

When I was in search of ‘Kuey Teow Kung Fu‘ with a taste similar to the one I had nearby my house before (until they moved away), my cousin recommended this place due to its popularity. I’ve never heard of FM Tomyam House before and one night, when I had absolutely no idea what to eat, I decided to check out this place.

Good thing it was open.

The restaurant is not that big. It’s more like a ‘warung’ style in fact. One thing I noticed after doing more research on this place is that apparently, FM Tomyam House is very known for their ‘Tomyam Poktek‘, which is a unique kind of tomyam served in a coconut. At that time, I went to the store after 11 pm, I wasn’t sure if they still serve Tomyam Poktek that late.

I wanted my ‘Kuey Teow Kung Fu‘ anyway. You see, I have this obsession with it. I could eat Kuey Teow Kung Fu every night and not get bored of it, provided that the taste is to my liking. Oh, yes, there’s a specific taste that I like. It needs to be slightly sour, slightly spicy, the fried egg has to be crispy with lots of ingredients. That’s how I like it.

But even that late, customers kept coming. There were only 1 or 2 stalls opened at that time. The place is clean which is a plus albeit slightly messy with stuff. It’s free of flies as well. For a ‘warung’ type of place, I don’t have high expectations anyway in terms of the environment.

FM Tomyam House @ Medan Selera Pokok Cherry Silibin, Ipoh

Fried Kuey Teow – RM4.00

My mom ordered Fried Kuey Teow. It looked very appealing to me but unfortunately, the taste wasn’t as good as it looked.  To me, it tasted a bit bland and not spicy at all despite having a few green chilies in it. I was disappointed, really, that it didn’t taste like how I imagined it would.

They didn’t take too long to serve this. But the thing is, only this dish came to our table, but my order of Kuey Teow Kung Fu didn’t until my mom almost finished her meal.

FM Tomyam House @ Medan Selera Pokok Cherry Silibin, Ipoh

Kuey Teow Kung Fu – RM6.00

Turns out, the guy misunderstood me somehow and didn’t take my order. I’m not sure how he could have missed it when I repeated my order a couple of times and he even acknowledged it but instead, he only took an order for my mom’s Fried Kuey Teow and my drink. I had to wait more than half an hour for my food. Luckily I asked them about it, otherwise, I would’ve kept waiting like an idiot thinking my food would come any time until the place closes.

Again, the dish looked very appealing to me, but the taste wasn’t exactly to my liking. The soup is thick, which I love, but it’s way too sweet and sour. Later, I found out they put pineapple cubes in it which might have contributed to the sweet and sour taste. It also contained a lot of veggies – common ones like cauliflower, carrots, baby corn, and some greens. Not spicy at all, unfortunately, which was very disappointing and not enough chicken and squids in the ingredients.

FM Tomyam House @ Medan Selera Pokok Cherry Silibin, Ipoh

Sirap Bandung – RM1.50

The best out of all is the Sirap Bandung. It’s the best Sirap Bandung I’ve ever had – sweet and creamy. I’d come back to this place just for the Sirap Bandung alone.

When I talked to the waiter, he mentioned they opened in the evening, I think about 5 pm like that. I can’t remember but I do remember he said they close at around 12 am-ish to 1 am-ish, depending on customers. Next time, I’ll try to come back to FM Tomyam House and taste their famous Tomyam Poktek and do another review.

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