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Flower Pot Ice-Cream Ipoh @ KTM

Recently I read some rave reviews about Flower Pot Ice Cream Ipoh which is located at the park near KTM (Ipoh railway station). Their stall is in front of the main post office. I think the idea of ice cream served in a flower pot is the current craze, is it not? I’ve been hearing so much about it. So I decided to go to try it.

My apologies for the grainy, low-quality pictures. There was barely any lighting, the area was dark (which I will explain why shortly) and I had to brighten the pictures using photoshop.

It was a sudden decision to go to the park at 11 pm just to get some ice cream. When I reached there, the park was already very crowded which is normal since it was the weekend night. It’s good to see teens have a place to hang out, most of them enjoying the view, some indie performance, or rollerblading.

Unfortunately, that night, MBI people were there so the park was empty – there were absolutely no stalls whatsoever there except rollerblade/scooter rentals. I saw in flower pot ice cream Ipoh’s Instagram that they will open, just a bit late so I thought I’d wait.

I forgot they turn off the lights and colorful fountains in the park at midnight. What the hell? It was the weekend, the area was still extremely crowded with people now sitting in total darkness… why couldn’t they keep the lights on for a bit longer? Cheapskates. So yeah, I waited in the dark until the MBI people left. When I saw stalls were being set up, I decided to walk to the other end to check the ice cream stall, stopping for a bit to see some teens doing freestyle breakdancing. It was quite cool.

Once I reached the flower pot ice cream Ipoh stall, I was in shock.

Flower Pot Ice-Cream Ipoh @ KTM

There was already a long queue for the ice cream! That was totally unexpected. Apparently, they’ve been waiting for the ice cream stall to open, just like I was. Luckily my mom was with me, and one person was nice enough to let an old lady cut the line. Can’t expect an old lady to stand there, queue up and wait for long now, can you?

Flower Pot Ice-Cream Ipoh @ KTM

Tada! I finally got my flower pot ice cream.

It’s vanilla/chocolate ice cream, topped with crushed Oreos, colored sprinkles, and candy. The pot cost RM4 and it’s yummy! it’s quite creative how they made it to look like soil, and based on surprising reactions I received on my Facebook after I posted that picture, they’ve successfully fooled people.

I’ve seen pictures of flower pot ice creams from other cities and they’re very creative as well.

A lot of people think that when they see the worms, they see real worms, and that kills their appetite. But..but..but..it’s gummy worms… and gummy worms are yummy. It’s a very easy dessert that you can make on your own though.

Just buy the cheap flower pot at any cheap store, like RM2 shop or something, then get the plastic container to put inside the pot (can get it anywhere like Tesco, AEON, bakery shop, etc.), fill in the ice cream flavors of your choice, top it with crushed oreo (you can buy it already crushed at bakery shop) or cocoa powder/milo, etc. if you don’t like Oreos. Then decorate it how you like – put some gummy worms, marshmallows, some veggies, etc. Be creative. Then tada, you have your own flower pot ice cream and save yourself some money hehe. Just wash the flower pot and plastic container and re-use them again and again.


Flower Pot Ice-Cream Ipoh @ KTM

 After I got my flower pot ice cream, the line disappeared and people started crowding the stall.

Flower Pot Ice-Cream Ipoh @ KTM

I didn’t know the craze is that bad. Maybe because they just opened the stall for that night, and it was the weekend. Maybe during weekdays, the crowd won’t be that bad. They also have another flavor, I think it was something like a banana split in a coconut shell? I wanted to try that but I hated the crowd so I decided not to. Next time once I’ve tried it, I’ll update this post with a new picture.

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