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The hot weather is driving me crazy. It’s making me feel very tired. Feels like I want to sleep all day and all night long. My productivity level has decreased drastically.

As I was browsing the Ipoh Echo newspaper a few weeks ago, I saw an ad for an event. It was an ad for a mini carnival that will be held at Fairview International School Ipoh located near the road heading to Bandar Seri Botani-Batu Gajah. It would be open to the public so I thought it’s a great opportunity to check out the food (obviously) and Fairview International School Ipoh.

It was held on Sunday, March 20th, from 10 am to 3 pm. The day before, I had such a long, exhausting day so I almost didn’t go to this one. Plus, the weather was blazing hot. But somehow I went anyway during lunch hour because I wanted to check out the food 😛 Besides, it’s a charity event. I want to somehow contribute as well.

It was a good thing that the carnival was held indoors. Can’t imagine how hot it would be if it was outdoor. Parking was a bit confusing because you have to go all the way back to an open field. Seems like they don’t have a big school ground compared to a typical public school.

You get a chance at a lucky draw if you write your details on a piece of paper and drop it into that box in the picture.

Most of the booths were at I assume their cafeteria/canteen area. There weren’t a lot of people so it was easy to browse around.

Apart from food, there were also activities for kids. I heard there were some scheduled performances as well but I missed them. I didn’t check out any other activities there, though.

The home cooked cuisine booth had some spaghetti and other foods, but the most obvious food that I could not ignore – the pau! Oh gosh, they were so fricken cute, I couldn’t help myself but squeal every time I see them. They decorated the pau with cartoon characters from angry birds, minions and doraemon and sold them for RM10 per 3 pieces if I’m not mistaken.

I wanted them badly, not to eat but to keep. How could you eat such cute, adorable food like that? I feel like keeping them in a glass jar and stare at them until they rot.

Then there’s the home-cooked authentic Indian food. They looked so delicious but I couldn’t afford too much food.

The cookies were so cute! I was so tempted to buy one, but it cost RM5. But kudos to whoever baked and decorated the cookies.

They had a variety of food available from western to Asian to Mexican and more.

They all look so tempting and I wanted to try them all. If only my stomach and purse could afford them, haha.

At that time it was already 2 pm and the event would finish at 3 pm so I wonder what happened to all the food? They were so much food left. I assume the staff would take them home. Lucky.

This is called ‘paella‘. What is paella?

“A Spanish dish of rice, saffron, chicken, seafood, etc., cooked and served in a large shallow pan

The typical seafood paella contains rice, saffron, tomato, prawns, mussels, and some other ingredients. When I saw this, it looked very appetizing that I decided right away I was going to have it there for lunch. A plate of paella cost RM4 but if you take away, it cost RM5.

You have to buy coupons and unfortunately, I couldn’t buy the coupons at the exact amount I needed. I had to buy an RM10 coupon so I decided to get a plate of macaroni as well. Since I decided to eat there, both cost RM8.

I was actually very surprised at the portion they gave me. Quite a lot! For only RM4. Not bad at all. It was definitely worth it.

The macaroni tasted SO GOOD. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was, minus it being cold after sitting out for long. I could really taste all the flavors, seasoned just right, not too salty and not too bland. I was really impressed! I wish I could take some home for dinner.

I couldn’t say the same for this paella, unfortunately. I really wanted to like this, I really did.

It was absolutely bland. I was highly disappointed since it looked so appetizing and it was the first and only thing I really wanted to taste. The rice didn’t taste anything. Not salty, not sweet, not spicy, nothing. Considering this is a Spanish dish, I expected it to have some heat. The mussels and prawns didn’t give any flavor either. Strange.

Before I left, I decided to have a quick look at their second floor. They had a few more booths there but this booth called out to me, telling me they’re giving free drinks. Okay, it was more like a free taste test/drink samples but since I just had my lunch with nothing to drink, I thought perfect. Why not, right?

I was given two choices – blue tropic (aqua/blue bottle) or blackcurrant (dark purple bottle). I chose blue tropic.

Look how pretty the drink sample is!

From what I could see, they mixed that aqua blue syrup with some orange juice and sprite, topped with some nata de coco and rainbow sprinkles for decoration. It looks like a mocktail you would have while sunbathing at the beach on some island or while relaxing by the swimming pool listening to some reggae. I love the gradient of colors as well – light blue at the bottom gradually changing to green then orange-ish then yellow.

It’s sour-ish. The juice itself is sour, plus with the sprite and orange juice, so you’d get a sour-ish, thirst-quenching drink. I liked it.

This is the blackcurrant one. The color is not as fancy as the one with blue tropic but it still tastes good. It’s just that it’s blackcurrant, a taste you’re used to if you’re a big Ribena drinker.

So these are the 2 juice bottles that were there – Rives Pitman. They have about 10+ flavors available. I really like the blue tropic. A bottle cost about maybe RM40-ish after tax as they’re imported from Spain if I’m not mistaken. One place that sells these is Wah Seng, the baking supply store. They have all kinds of flavors. I’m so in love with the juice.

They have about 10+ flavors available. I really like the blue tropic. A bottle cost about maybe RM40-ish after tax as they’re imported from Spain if I’m not mistaken. One place that sells these is Wah Seng, the baking supply store as I was told. I’m so in love with the syrup.

You could mix and match drinks and experiment with the combination to make your own cocktails/mocktails. They even have mojito flavor! That’s my favorite drink (non-alcoholic). All the syrups are non-alcoholic.

Before leaving, I realized I had an RM2 coupon left. Most of the things were more than RM2 except for the ice cream so I decided to get one. Perfect dessert on a hot day.

This cute kid then scooped up some ice cream for me. I asked how many scoops I get, and they said they’re just small scoops so until the cup is full. I decided to mix both ice-cream flavors.

I went with chocolate and the rainbow-colored ice cream, you know like those rainbow paddle pop ice-creams? Yummy.

Then they asked me what kind of toppings I want. I couldn’t just choose one so I went ahead with mixing all of them. So this adorable little girl then poured a bit of Hershey’s chocolate syrup, smarties (or other similar brands), and rainbow sprinkles.

Also, I even got a free brownie! I didn’t take a picture of it but brownies were sold at the same booth for RM4 for 2 pieces. The brownie was good, only it was just slightly dry, maybe because my car was too hot, it became dry. But still good!

Look how colorful my ice-cream is! Haha.

The ice cream was surprisingly yummy! I didn’t expect that considering it was only RM2. It was definitely good & satisfying during an extremely hot day.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at Fairview International School Ipoh’s mini carnival. I’m glad I had the opportunity to check out Fairview International School Ipoh and also to taste some yummy foods.

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