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Dolly Dim Sum‘s fifth and newest outlet has just opened at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya and I was lucky enough to be invited to join the grand opening celebration.

I made the trip from Ipoh to KL at 11 am and reached about 2.30 pm at Shah Alam to visit a relative. After that, I drove to IOI City Mall at 3.45 pm and reached about 4.20 pm. That’s not bad! I thought it would take longer than that but luckily the road was smooth with no traffic jams. I also didn’t miss any part of the event so I’m very happy about that.

This is Dolly’s fifth outlet. Diners are given a glimpse of Dolly’s world, a character depicted in each and every outlet. Dolly is traditional at heart, with a modern outlook. She’s an avid florist, a collector of beautiful things and of course, she loves dim sum!

At Dolly Dim Sum Sunway Putra outlet, you could enjoy dim sum in a luscious green setting of Dolly’s Garden. At Avenue-K, it is in a contemporary setting of an enclosed glass teahouse. The NU Sentral and Pavilion outlets are modeled after Dolly’s house and kitchen respectively.

For IOI City outlet, it’s modeled after her room. It’s so pretty! I love the use of warm colors with all the flowery decorations.

I’ve only been to IOI City Mall once last year. It took me a while to find Dolly Dim Sum but it turned out to be located right at the entrance.

There were two special “Do Your Own” type of ‘stalls’ where guests on that day could learn how to make wonton and lotus longevity bun.

The wonton is taught by Chef Chew.

The lotus longevity bun is taught by Chef Yong.

I didn’t take part in learning how to make my own wonton and lotus bun but I did request the chefs to do a demo for me. If you’d like to see it, the video is at the end of this post or you could watch it on Youtube.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony

Even the refreshment they served us were placed and decorated so nicely.

It’s way too pretty, I’m all giddy when I see it because I love pretty and cute things.

Classic Siew Mai

Mini Loh Mah Gai

Lotus Longevity Bun

Sesame Mochi Ball

Mini Egg Tart

Roasted BBQ Bun

Fried Vegetarian Wonton

The siew mai is always my most favorite but I only had one. When I wanted to get more, it was gone 🙁

I absolutely LOVE the roasted BBQ bun and the fried wonton. Actually, I love them all. They’re so good. I wish Dolly Dim Sum would open a branch in Ipoh.

While the guests were enjoying their food, they introduced Meeyo & Joe from the duo group ‘MJ’ (MeeyoJoe) promoting their single. You could hear them perform a snippet of the song in the video below.

They were given the opportunity to learn how to make their own wonton and lotus bun as well. If you would like to see how their wonton and lotus bun turned out, check out the video below or on Youtube.

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