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Last week’s Tuesday, I was invited to preview the Christmas buffet at Cuisines, The Haven Ipoh. This post was supposed to be written & posted last week but my life turned from good to bad to worse, so I’ve been feeling blergh for a while. I still am, but now I’m trying to distract myself by updating my blog. Expect a few more posts this week.

In case you’ve never heard of it before, The Haven Ipoh is a condotel + residency located in Tambun area, just a little bit further up from Sunway City Ipoh. I’ve been there and stayed there a few times before when my friend came for a visit from KL. I’ve reviewed my breakfast and dinner experiences before.

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I never thought I’d get a chance to visit it again since my friend is in the UK and you can’t simply enter the property without a valid reason. The security is really tight now compared to when I first visited over a year ago. The Haven Ipoh is such an amazingly beautiful, serene, and tranquil place. With the decoration, lake, green surrounding… it’s a perfect place to relieve stress and get away from the busy city.

This was the first time I was invited, as a food blogger, to a food tasting session in Ipoh.

The restaurant is called ‘Cuisines‘ now. If you’ve read my previous blog posts on The Haven Ipoh, I’ve mentioned that the restaurant used to be called ‘Kembali Kitchen‘ before they changed it to ‘Cuisines‘. The menu & quality positively changed as well.

And what’s really nice about dining at The Haven Ipoh is the surrounding view. On one side you’ll see green, on one side you could see the lake and on another side, you could see the pool. It’s especially nice if you dine outside, complete view of all the beautiful sights. Very picturesque.

I was about 10 minutes late as the photography session started at 12 pm so I went straight to taking pictures, and STILL taking pictures while they briefed the menu to other media guests. The first part I noticed was the desserts section because they were too pretty to look at. Then there’s the salad bar. Then the main menu section.

I was so excited like a kid in candy land when I saw the TURKEY! Omaigod.

You see, turkey is the rare kind of meat available in Malaysia. Usually, only the processed turkey (ham) kind of meat are available at the supermarkets in Ipoh, and they’re expensive just for a few slices. To see a whole stuffed roasted turkey in front of you is just amazing. It truly feels like Christmas!

The turkey looked absolutely amazing and beautifully cooked. It was one of the main highlights in the entire menu.

The turkey was surrounded by vegetables/salad – loads of them! So you could just mix and match to your own liking. Whoever did the decoration, kudos to you. They really went all out on the decoration and they’re just so damn pretty. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them.

The chef with the roasted turkey

Also, kudos to the chef who cooked all those food. It was divine. Everything was cooked to perfection – be it the turkey, the main course and even desserts. Perfectly seasoned, nothing too salty, nothing too sweet, nothing too bland.

The awesome thing about the food at Cuisines, The Haven Ipoh is that the menu is all healthy. Their food has no MSG added while still maintaining the sinfully delicious taste. So for health-conscious people, you don’t have to worry about that.

The desserts – gosh! Have I mentioned how pretty they’ve decorated the food/table with the Christmas theme? Seriously, aren’t they just too pretty that you almost don’t want to touch them so you don’t mess it all up? Alas, we had to eat so had to disturb the pretty decoration. I’ve seen pictures of other places but I have not yet seen decoration this pretty haha.

Look at all the little Santa! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste this one or the cake above.

I don’t think I tasted this either.

Now, this is one of my faves! It actually has a pleasant surprise right in the middle when you bite into it. There’s actually creamy banana filling inside. I wish I had more.

I didn’t get to taste this one either because they were gone before I had the chance to grab one.

There’s one more I should mention – their Buche De Noel. The only pic I took was too blurry so I’m not posting it. It’s part of their menu and omaigod, it was SO GOOD. It just melts in your mouth.

I should’ve written the main menu first but I couldn’t wait to get to the dessert part. So for the main course, there are a few selections.

Au Gratin Vegetables – broccoli, carrots, celery, snow peas baked in mozarella. Ahh, anything with cheese will be good, even if they’re veggies

Turkey Ham Carbonara Spaghetti – Argh, I hate myself for not eating much of this. I LOOOOOOVE spaghetti in carbonara sauce. It’s one of my ultimate fave & comfort foods. I only had a spoonful of this but gosh, it was delicious. If I didn’t have so much to eat (while needing to leave some space for later that night), I would’ve binged on this

Roasted Jacket Potatoes – I’ve never been so fond of baked jacket potato so to me it was alright. I didn’t get enough sauce for it, so my baked potato was bland and I was too lazy to get up to get more sauce haha. I’d prefer them with chilli (like at Wendy’s) but eh, still not fond of jacket potato. But that Shepherd’s Pie – TO DIE FOR! It was so delicious, I wish I had a whole plate full of it.

This is my pathetic plate of the main course. I have another food tasting that same night so I couldn’t eat too much. Makes me sad looking at that plate because if I didn’t have anything later that day, I would’ve binged! All I cared about was the turkey.

They also served their signature fried rice. It was really good except for the first couple of bites where it was saltier than expected but after that, it was really good. Probably just some salt in the egg that didn’t properly ‘melt’.

My desserts plate is disappointing as well! It’s not even full. That’s so not me, haha. I could’ve eaten so much more. I was so busy chit-chatting, I almost forgot that dessert in the glass.

We were then introduced to some fried bananas because someone insisted they have the BEST fried bananas there. At first, I didn’t care that much but when the plate arrived, argh the bananas were humongous haha. The deep-fried bananas were really crispy and the best I’ve ever tasted. I usually eat normal, plain fried bananas without any dipping sauce, but here you dip it in honey. Abso-fricken-lutely delicious. I thought it was caramel at first though. Hmm… I reckon it would be really good to dip them in caramel. I should try to make some.

Then after that, I walked around the area and took pictures. I saw the dinosaur they were talking about! Haha. I actually stayed there longer than expected, just walking around The Haven Ipoh alone.

Now, I should mention while you can reserve your attendance for the buffet, it’s only available for residents, their friends, and guests only. It’s not available to the public. So you have to either stay there or know someone staying there (permanent resident or guest). How much does everything cost? You can download the menu and pricing below:

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If you’re planning to visit Ipoh and wondering where to stay during Christmas, you can check out their package deal! All the information you need is in the PDF file above so please download them to know more.

I have another Christmas buffet food tasting post coming up so stay tuned for that. I also have a video of this session coming soon! Hopefully I’ll have time to edit within this couple of days. I’ll edit this post with the video soon.

Thank you so much to The Haven Ipoh for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to taste the sinfully delicious food. Please invite me again 😉

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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