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A short while ago, I heard about a new burger joint opening nearby at Greentown called ‘Burger Camp‘. I don’t remember exactly how I found out about it… I have a feeling it was through facebook’s page recommendation after I liked a food-related page. Anyways. It’s about time we have a dedicated burger joint in Ipoh. I’ve been so sick with just eating McDonald’s or KFC. Sure we have the famous grilled burger like Rawang Burger Bakar etc. but they’re quite far from me.

After seeing all the pictures on their Facebook page, I decided to give Burger Camp Ipoh a shot.

Burger Camp Ipoh


For my first visit, I decided to go for a takeaway instead because I didn’t have time. I thought maybe I’d try the burger first and see the place and if it’s good, I’ll ask my friend to accompany me to dine in the next time.

It’s located near Maxis Centre and just right next to Kurnia Insurance and AmAssurance.

Burger Camp Ipoh

As I went there at about 6 pm when it was just opened for the ‘second shift’ or dinner session, there was barely anyone there. There were like a couple of customers and all wanted to takeaway.

Burger Camp Ipoh

The place is not that huge but looks cozy enough with warm lighting. You know something? There’s quite a distance between the entrance door and counter. When there are no people there, the moment you walked in and greeted by the staff at the other end of the shop (meaning the counter), it felt like a long runway walk with all eyes on you. Or walk of shame. Thought I’d mention that because it was quite an interesting feeling. Haha.

Burger Camp Ipoh

Being a first-timer, I had absolutely no idea what to choose. The girl who attended to me was patient enough to explain and suggest recommendations to me. They have cool names for their burgers, very Americanized and Tex-Mex-ish. Being a HUGE fan of Sloppy Joe’s, I was extremely happy that this place does serve sloppy joes. There are two types – Slippery Sloppy Joe or Texas Gun Brawl.

The difference is Slippery Sloppy Joe is a pure burger and sloppy joe and Texas Gun Brawl is a mix of beef patty and sloppy joe and a little bit spicy. Of course, I would choose the spicier version. I decided to go for Texas Gun Brawl (interesting name, eh? makes me think of an old western gun duel in texas)

Burger Camp Ipoh

Texas Gun Brawl – RM15.80

Since the burger is made-to-order, you have to wait for a while. I think it took my order about 15-20 mins to be ready as I had a few customers waiting before me.

Of course, when you pack the burger for takeaway, the burger will be a bit smushed. When I opened it right after to look at it, it wasn’t as appealing as in their pictures when you dine in. But don’t let the appearance fool you into thinking it’s not good because DAMN, it was seriously awesome!

Their main bun is the charcoal bun, but now you can choose green tea as well. The meat was tender and perfectly cooked, the sloppy joe was awesome and I could taste the caramelized onions, melted cheese, some sesame oil perhaps, and WASABI. There’s no mistake I tasted wasabi sauce, which I assumed what made it a little bit spicier. I LOVE WASABI! The wasabi sauce alone was enough to make me want another!

At first, I thought the burger was too small, but it’s actually fulfilling because of the meat. It was nice to have a different kind of bun instead of a normal bun. Only wish they would put more sloppy joe and make it well… SLOPPY! Maybe next time I will try the Slippery Sloppy Joe.


After the first visit, I was craving for more. So I told my friend about it and we went there for dinner. This time we arrived at about 7 pm on a Saturday so the place was really packed. It would mean a longer waiting time for your order. Bad idea when my friend was rushing for time and had to leave before 8 pm.

During this visit, I noticed that the ‘room’ that you see next to the counter is actually a VIP room. Didn’t notice that the first time because the rooms have doors for privacy and they were closed.. the whole design is very similar to a Japanese restaurant. So apart from American/Tex-Mex-ish names and menu, there’s also Japanese influence.

Burger Camp Ipoh

They had some promotion going on at that time – 10% discount when you check in with your phone. Well, couldn’t claim any because Maxis connection was so shitty that I couldn’t load anything at all on my phone. How ironic, since the Maxis center is just the opposite. Huh. Even when I went out of the store, it still wouldn’t connect. Maxis is shit.

Since the waiting time is quite well..’ time-consuming’ especially during peak hours, I’d suggest they consider setting up their own free wifi connection.

Burger Camp Ipoh

English Battered Onion Rings – RM7.00

My friend ordered English Battered Onion Rings because Chilli Cheese Fries weren’t available. Actually, quite a few items on the menu weren’t available yet at the time I went there.

The onion rings came after 10 minutes or so. It came in a basket, and also came with fries. I thought it was mine mixed together since I ordered fries. Turned out no, it wasn’t.

Burger Camp Ipoh

Fries + Drink – RM5.00

My fries actually came along with my burger, after 20 minutes or so. Not sure why it didn’t come together with my friend’s onion rings? I was already half full from eating my friend’s french fries. Maybe they took a while to fry it, and the portion is very satisfying.

Burger Camp Ipoh

If you order the set which is RM5 more on top of your burger cost, it includes fries and drink. You can choose your drink (depending on availability) and I chose kickapoo. It’s always nice to have a glass of cold kickapoo 😀

Burger Camp Ipoh

Gun Powder (Chicken) – RM 13.80 + Extra Turkey Ham – RM2.50

My friend ordered Gun Powder (chicken) and added extra turkey ham. You can choose different ‘add-ons’ to your burger. Looks delicious to me. Since I didn’t taste it, I couldn’t review what it tastes like, but my friend said it tasted good.

Burger Camp Ipoh

Tucked In A Blanket – RM15.80

I chose Tucked In A Blanket. It comes with a charcoal bun, grilled beef, juicy beef bacon, cheese, and some greens. Gosh, another awesome one! Perfectly grilled and the beef bacon was so juicy, that when you take a bite, it just oozes out all the juicy goodness. Yes, it was a bit messy, but a good kind of messy! Just looking at it is making me drool right now.

So overall, it’s a good place to get some burgers and chill with your friends and as an alternative to the common fast food places. The place is self-service, so there’s no service charge and no tax. That means you pay for the exact price of your food, no extras. Awesome. Please keep it that way.

The place opens every day but has weird timings so do take note if you’re planning to go. They close on Monday, and on weekdays they open for lunch from 12pm to 3pm, and dinner from 6pm to 10pm. So don’t go when it’s not lunch or dinner hour. They are however open the whole day from 12pm till 10pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Note: They use 100% imported Australian beef. They don’t have halal sign at the time I’m writing this, but I am fine with that as they don’t serve pork or alcohol on the premises. For Muslims who thinks no halal certificate is an issue, the best bet to just stay away 🙂

UPDATE DEC 26th 2015: Burger Camp is no longer in business!

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