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Earlier this month, I was invited to preview the Citarasa Tujuh Kampung Ramadhan Buffet 2017 Preview at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. Apart from the preview, they also had a free Bubur Lambuk giveaway event on the same day. I stayed to see how they prepared the Bubur Lambuk.

Note: This month has got to be the busiest and the most challenging month ever for me. I’ve had so many things happening, going back and forth many times Ipoh-KL-Ipoh in a span of three weeks, dealing with personal issues, emergency cases, and so on. Please bear with me as I try to quickly post all reviews as soon as possible. 🙂

I finished the Ramadhan buffet preview at about 3.30 pm. Then went outside to see Concorde Hotel staff preparing the bubur lambuk.

The Bubur Lambuk giveaway event is their yearly event at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. Distributing Bubur Lambuk prior to Ramadhan month has been the hotel’s annual event since 2004, making it the 13th consecutive year for this event.

They were rushing to quickly finish their packing and all. There were A LOT of containers. By a lot I mean I heard they were preparing about 8000 packets of Bubur Lambuk.

The hotel staff worked together since 12 pm to pack the Bubur Lambuk into the little containers.

Their bubur lambuk was seriously delicious. I regret not taking more because it was really that damn good.

Group photos of the Concorde Hotel staff.

There were quite a number of those huge pots (we call it ‘periuk kawah’) where they cook the bubur lambuk in.

The cooking process started as early as 7 am, with Management and hosts assisting their chefs for the day. Around 300kg of rice, 80kg of beef, and other ingredients were used to cook the Bubur Lambuk into the big pots.

The distribution started at 4 pm but the crowd started to build up as early as 2 pm.

Then it started raining heavily.

There were 2 sides that gave the bubur lambuk. The hotel driveway was turned into a ‘drive-thru’ lane. Everybody was wet but the cars kept coming despite the heavy rain.

It was very interesting to see their process of cooking the Bubur Lambuk, packing, and then giving them out during heavy rain. The hotel also delivered some Bubur Lambuk to the mosques, orphanages, and underprivileged homes nearby. Just before 7 pm, all 8000 packets of Bubur Lambuk were distributed.

Shortly after 4 pm, I went back inside to the hotel to charge my phone for a bit, then I called my Uber to go back to the train station. After waiting for 20 minutes, the Uber driver canceled on me. I had to call for a new one, more time wasted. It took a while for me to reach KL Sentral then headed to Bangsar for the Australian Food Trail Launch @ Breakfast Thieves Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

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