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Sorry for not blogging for a long time! I have so many pending posts/reviews that I need to write. I’m working on it.

Last week, I was invited to join a Bloggers Food Pre-Trail in conjunction with The Other Festival Ipoh (#OtherFest) which actually started today! Wanted to post this up sooner but I’ve been busy and sick at the same time. This blog post will cover the food aspect of my trail, sorta like a Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan thing.


[pictures omitted as I’ve lost the files from the old web server]

The Other Festival is a celebration of Ipoh Old Town’s history, food, and arts that will take place over three weekends, from 22 Oct-8 Nov 2015. Themed ‘Mapping the City’, this inaugural festival focuses on a series of trails designed by popular personalities who are either Ipoh natives or have a connection to the city. The idea is to encourage festival-goers to explore Old Town on foot and discover the inspiring tales that await behind the crumbling facades of heritage buildings.

Curated by Kakiseni in collaboration with the folks of Ipoh Old Town – business owners, landlords, and other stakeholders – the program is a lively mix of performances, guided tours, movie screenings, food trails, creative forums, exhibitions, bazaars, music, zines, and various art forms.

Since there are too many pictures, I’ve resized some of them. To view the pictures, click on them to enlarge.

I met with the #OtherFest media team and bloggers who came down to Ipoh via ETS train. If you haven’t been on the ETS train, this is the time to try it! I just LOVE ETS train. Then, I received a bag containing a bottle of Ipoh Limestone Water and a packet of beans.

Now, I’ve always failed when it comes to gardening, haha. However, this time, I’m determined to try again, grow my own bean sprouts, and make it a success.


We also received a few stickers to give to the shop so if you see them, it’s blogger-approved! Haha. Then we walked from the train station to Rahamath, a famous Mamak restaurant. About 5 minutes away. I forgot to resize the picture of the restaurant so I will edit this later. Then we split up to walk around Old Town Ipoh.

Now, this is what will happen when bloggers see something for the first time. We saw China Dates for the first time. Obviously, all of us whipped out our trusty old cameras and went crazy.

Yes, we did get weird looks from everyone.

A lot of shops selling dried ingredients there that I never existed. Even though I live in Ipoh, I’ve never taken the time to walk around town alone. It’s not fun when you’re alone. After that, we walked around some more, took pictures of wall paintings, really interesting shops I never knew existed, then they stopped to have a coffee at some Chinese Coffee shop nearby before we parted ways.

I saw an interesting shop and dragged another blogger, Zilla, to check out the place.

The moment you open the door, whoosh, a lovely aroma enters your nostrils. Seriously, the smell is so nice. It’s actually a cafe and boutique selling food and merchandise. There’s a small section with tables and chairs for you to sit and enjoy your coffee or food.

It’s extremely cozy.

Then at another section, you will find some really cute stuff and even an aromatherapy section, which is their specialty. That explains the lovely aroma you get in the shop. Then at one corner, there were a few jars which I thought were jams at first. Then we found out they’re actually aromatherapy/scented candles. They have 4 scents that you could choose from.

Seriously, they smell so nice! They cost RM18 per jar and Zilla bought one. I was too broke at that time haha. But then again, I live nearby. I could get it any time 🙂


The shop received our ‘seal of approval‘!

We wanted a picture of the store supervisor but she was too shy (a very friendly lady though). So instead, we took a picture with the staff. We learned he’s actually from Shah Alam if I remember correctly.

The shop is called ‘Everyday Lifeshop‘. You can also check out their website, Lifeshop Atelier, or their facebook. I’ll be back there soon to review the food.

Then we walked around some more and stopped at Burps & Giggles. I’ve always wanted to go there so we decided to enter to check out the place.

The first thing you noticed when you entered the place is that they sell a variety of stuff.

Then you’ll see the awesome wall arts. It’s seriously cozy inside as well, and you could just sit on the sofa, with a cup of joe and a laptop and just enjoy the moment. There’s also another room with a wall painting of 2 fat ladies, haha.

Next to it is their cafe where you can eat and have a drink. I just love the fact that they preserved the old building without changing anything. Kind of feel like you’re in between the past and the present. This is not the only cafe with that kind of feel though. So many other hipster cafes around town preserve the old building with added old, vintage decor.

Once we left Burps & Giggles, I saw a strange new shop that I haven’t seen before. It’s actually a cafe and a new one too! It turns out to be Nellis Deli’s second outlet. Their first one is located in Sunway, Tambun. We also found out that it was their opening day!

That’s just awesome.

We decided to sit down, relax a bit and try something. She decided to try their ‘Mee Rebus‘ which we shared, and I ordered a glass of ‘Asam Boi Juice‘. I didn’t order anything because I was saving my stomach’s space for desserts at Patisserie Boutique that I’ve been dying to try.

Full review of Nellis Deli will be up soon.

Nellis Deli received our ‘seal of approval’! She’s very friendly as well, and chatted with us a bit, and willingly pose for a picture with the sticker.


After Nellis Deli, we moved to Patisserie Boutique Cafe which is just next door. The cafe is elegantly designed, very cozy and the food? Argh. To die for. It has that French cafe feel as well.

After a long and hard decision, we decided on which delicious dessert to order. Wait for the full review of Patisserie Boutique to be up soon!

After getting our stomachs full of food, we then head back to Plan B, which is just a few steps away. I love how all these good cafes are just in one place so you don’t have to walk far. Some of the bloggers then walked back to the train station to catch the 4 pm ETS train while I stayed behind for a bit to chat.

Then they decided to walk to Lim Ko Pi, a stylish Kopitiam located next to Sepaloh Art Gallery. The ambiance feels very retro, like a step into a Kopitiam in the 60s with a touch of modern elegance. They all wanted to try the famous egg custard there and I thought hey, why not.

The egg custard? It’s simply DIVINE. Oh gosh. It’s not that ‘eggy’ in my opinion and the taste is more like a soft creme brulee that melts in your mouth with bittersweet caramel in it. It’s seriously that damn good!

A side note for Muslims, this Kopitiam is NOT HALAL. They do have pork on their menu.

Parking is a bit difficult though. There’s no parking space in front of it. You have to park somewhere else nearby and walk to go to the Kopitiam or Sepaloh Art Gallery unless you’re a Sarang Paloh guest, in which they have their own designated parking area.

If you want to know more about The Other Festival (#otherfest) and its schedule, do visit Kakiseni’s websites.

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