** This blog post was originally posted at ‘Sinfully Delicious Malaysia’ blog on May 16th, 2015


When I go to Suria KLCC, I must always stop by the Signatures Food Court. KLCC is well known to be a place with high-class dining and housing famous international brands.

I’m not a fan of food court food even though it’s usually the cheaper option. The food is almost always horrible. But it’s different with Signatures food court because they have well-known food outlets so it’s not really ‘food court’ type of food. They do have another food court though called ‘Rasa Food Arena‘ which has the common ‘food court’ food.

One of my favorite places to eat at Signatures food court would be Pizza Milano. They have a cheaper option for pizza and pasta. However, that day, I noticed another place called ‘Cafe Milano KLCC‘ situated at the center of the food court. I decided to check it out.

I saw quite a few people lining up, buying lasagne. While looking at it, I was literally drooling. The price wasn’t bad so I decided to give it a try and queued up. It took a while for them to prepare it because it was Saturday, so the orders were coming nonstop.

They have spaghetti, lasagne, and a few other desserts. I guess this is the simpler, smaller version of the other Pizza Milano (assuming that since they share the name ‘Milano’ but might not have any relations) that serves a variety of pasta and pizza. They also sell the common snacks like waffles and ice creams. So after waiting for a while, I got my beef lasagne.

Beef Lasagne = RM8.50 (before GST)

The main reason why I was drooling every time I look at the plate is because of what looked like a ‘sea’ of melted cheese. There was way too much of melted cheese, or something, that the lasagne itself was ‘drowned’ in it. And then the bits of beef oozing out onto the plate. Gosh! So very yummy looking, I swear!

Unless you don’t like your lasagne drenched in melted cheese or something then you might not find it appetizing. But I do… so very much.

But looks can be deceiving.

The ‘melted cheese’ or cheese sauce is actually something, mixed with water. I wanted to say cheese, but it didn’t taste anything like cheese. It was so plain, it was like tasting plain water that’s slightly beige-colored. It wasn’t sweet nor salty. Just… plain. And runny. Very watery. It wasn’t even creamy. As if it’s only 5% cheese , 1% milk and 94% water.

The beef looked tasty, but it also had absolutely no flavor at all. It was absolutely plain. Maybe they forgot to add any salt, pepper or any kind of spice in it. To sum it all up, the lasagne lacked any flavor whatsoever. It actually managed to make me feel sick.

Beef lasagne cost me RM8.50 with no tax (prior to the implementation of GST)

I’m assuming all of their foods lack any taste/flavor as well because a foreign family next to me bought spaghetti bolognese with meatballs and only ate a couple of spoonfuls. Only I managed to force myself to finish mine because I don’t like wasting food. But I would never buy from there again no matter how sinfully delicious it looks and stick to the other Pizza Milano. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not pure melted cheese.

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