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I’m a huge fan of claypot yee mee. It’s been a while since I had a delicious one. I remember when my family used to take me to Yaohan when I was little. There used to be a very good claypot restaurant there if I remember correctly. But I was too young to remember much. Last week, I was craving for some yee mee. Recently I had a good pot yee mee at AEON Station 18 but it’s quite far from my place. I don’t think it’s worth the trip just to get yee mee.

When I went to Mydin Manjoi Ipoh, I thought I’d check out their lame food court. Usually, I’d avoid their food court due to certain reasons but hey, what the heck. I thought I’d give it a chance. Maybe they’ve improved the quality.

What a dumb idea. It was a huge mistake to think a place like that could have quality & satisfying food.

Clay Pot & Hot Plate Yee Mee Mydin Manjoi Ipoh

What I hate the most about Mydin Manjoi’s food court is the layout. Who thought of it?

The tables are all lined up at the side, which means DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Oh yes, you’ll feel the blazing heat from the sun burning through your skin. The whole place itself is a heat magnet. Try to imagine eating a really shitty meal in a sauna room. Nobody would eat at this place unless they’re desperate like I was… I guess.

I ordered at a place called ‘CLAY POT & HOT PLATE

Clay Pot & Hot Plate Yee Mee Mydin Manjoi Ipoh

It was the only place that serves sizzling noodles/rice on hot plates and claypot types of food. So I ordered one ‘Claypot Yee Mee Soup‘.

After that, I can’t express the regret that I had.

Clay Pot & Hot Plate Yee Mee Mydin Manjoi Ipoh

Claypot Yee Mee Soup – RM6.90

It cost RM6.90 – the same price as the pot yee mee at AEON Station 18. But I was so surprised when I received my food. Not only I had to wait a long time, but the yee mee soup did NOT come with egg. WHAT? If I wanted an egg, I need to add another RM1.

The claypot only had about 3-4 spoonful of yee mee, bits of inedible veggies, about 2 small prawns, 1 cauliflower, and really tiny pieces (about 3-4) of barely-cooked squid. When I say tiny, I do mean TINY.  They were so small, they just get stuck between your teeth. Oh, 2-3 tiny pieces of carrot and that’s it! For almost 7 bucks!

I don’t know how these people do business. Not only that, the cook was some foreigner (seems to me to be a Bangladeshi worker) who could barely understand anything. A customer before me requested no mushroom and fully cooked egg in her sizzling rice. He didn’t listen. When she insisted NO MUSHROOM, the cook then picked out a piece of mushroom and put it aside. He then insisted the plate is mushroom-free until the lady pointed out a few more pieces of mushroom. Then the egg was too runny, so she insisted he cook it thoroughly. He was obviously frustrated because he didn’t want to cook a new plate for her and that she was fussy when he was the one who got everything wrong.

How could they hire that kind of worker? The food is ridiculously expensive and not worth it. The quality is abysmal. Plus, it’s in Mydin Manjoi, a small mall in the middle of ‘kampung’ area. They should make the food affordable and tasty, not ridiculously expensive and shitty.

I can’t express in words how pissed off I was for having wasted RM6.90 on nothing when I could’ve gotten a more satisfying meal for less.

It’s completely different than the one I had in AEON Station 18. Look at it –


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Not only it was at a more comfortable location – AEON Station 18 with a clean area, indoor and fully air-conditioned, but it cost the same (RM6.90). The portion was enough for me to share with my mom, and it had many types of ingredients like fishball, fucuk, fishcake, filament stick etc (2 each) AND egg!

I get so pissed off when I have such shitty food and I’m trying my best not to cuss them out with every swear word available in the dictionary and urban dictionary. If you don’t know how to open a food stall and make quality food, learn from others instead of ripping people off because you are one greedy entre-fucking-preneur who just cares about making a profit. You want people to come back to your restaurant/stall and write good reviews and pass the good word around, not leave all angry, unsatisfied, feeling ripped-off, write angry review like this, and vowed to never step foot at that place again.

Geez. Never again.

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